On Cravings, A Growing Belly, and Greece

We’re over half way there to meeting our baby boy! The first trimester seemed to inch slowly and since we’ve announced, time has flown! I can honestly say this has been a dream pregnancy and I’m so grateful that I’ve felt this good. I’ve definitely added more naps in my life, because well, naps are life! I’ve kept up with my normal exercise routine, mostly to balance out the teenage boy appetite my son has. Boy loves pizza :-). And Costco ice-cream swirl. Ok, and their hot dogs. At least Michael and I split the ice cream???


I’ve definitely had some strange cravings—things I haven’t eaten in years. I usually crave something for a week and once I have it, it’s on to the next craving. Early on in my pregnancy, I told Michael, “At some point this week, we have to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and get garlic parmesan wings.” Let me tell you, those wings were perfection! Other foods have included cabbage soup, salads for breakfast with a lot tomatoes and some goat cheese, whole milk, and fruit, such as pears, kiwis, and Cara Cara oranges.


Mommas, what were some of your cravings when preggo?

It’s strange to watch my stomach grow and not fit in my zip-up & button pants. I have a few pairs of pants that are stretchy, so those are my go-to’s until I land in maternity clothes. I have a feeling those days are coming soon!


20 Weeks Preggo!

One of the coolest parts has been feeling him move around every once in a while! It feels like little paint brush strokes on the inside of my belly. And no, we don’t have a name yet. We have one name we keep going to, but nothing official.

Another sweet part of this season is my sister-in-love, Abby, is also pregnant and due a day before us! We just found out this week that they are also having a boy! BOY COUSINS! How fun is that?!


Since we found out that we are pregnant, I’ve been reading and writing in a devotional for expectant mommas. It’s called Waiting in Wonder by Catherine Larson and I’ve loved doing it. I highly recommend it for other mommas-to-be!

Other than growing a human, things have been pretty low-key for us. I can’t believe we are almost in April. On our calendar, we have a fun trip planned to Greece that we are calling the babymoon! Quality-time with Michael, gyros & stuffed grape leaves, and Santorini pathways?! I can barely contain my excitement!

Anyone else have any spring break or summer trips planned?

I’ll close with this adorable onesie a friend gave me!



Paw-ternity Leave

It has been nearly six months since I’ve written on Bird’s Nest and let’s just say I took a few months of “paw-ternity” leave to raise a (then) 7lb fluff-ball-terrorist-puppy to a now 50lb six-month (mostly) sweet buddy! Work has been particularly busy with back-to-school events, leading a retreat, and teaching at the studio 3-4x a week, there’s hardly any downtime.


I’ve missed saying hello and sharing my latest favorite recipe (I’ve made this turkey chili at least 6x already) and linking you to a great read, like Ranking Trader Joe’s Cheeses, and how cool Google Express is for shopping.

Since the last post, I went on a week-long cruise with my momma, to Charlottesville for a family reunion, and traveled to Asheville, NC with Michael and my parents.




I was a cat for Halloween, Rigby went as a super-dog, and for kicks, I bought him a winter sweater! No shame in my dog-mom game.



Food wise, I’m having a moment with baked onions, kombucha (always), roasted garlic, Suzie’s Rice Cakes and THIS PARMESAN SPREAD! (Talk about a combo!) Find that parm spread at Whole Foods!


Also, I had TCBY for the first time in nearly two years. Who cares if it was 11:00am?


On beautiful weather days, we’ve enjoyed a few happy-hours, a D.C. Cider Fest, and a couple of Washington Redskin’s games.



In early November, we got all dressed up to celebrate Jordon and Heather getting hitched!


Sweet Rigby got his chestnuts roasted over Thanksgiving…cough cough…and has been wearing the cone of shame for the last week. He’s already back to his hyper self…yay…


Looking ahead at important things, I’ve asked Santa for stacking rings because, diamonds, and Michael has insisted that they’d count for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and our anniversary. Woof.

That just about brings you up to speed, minus a few details. Overall, the second half of 2017 has been good…not easy, but good. I am really looking forward to a few weeks off this Christmas with our family. It’s going to be such a sweet celebration with everyone together!

What have you been up to the past 6 months?! What’s on tap for the Holidays?