Paros, Greece!

I’m in the middle of a three-part series about our trip to Greece! Post one featured Athens and today I’m sharing our experience on the island of Paros.


We arrived by ferry to Parikia, the bayside capital, and our Groupon provided transfers from the port to the Zefi Hotel in Naoussa. When we went to our first room there, we both questioned if there was another hotel or Airbnb we could quickly go to. The room was TINY and the bathroom was rough. The bathroom door couldn’t close because the toilet was in the way. They told us they had to replace the AC fixture while we were out and the 10 flies buzzing around our room freaked us out. We decided we were going to make the best of it so Michael went to smoke a cigar and I took a nap. 45 minutes later, Michael comes into the room and says, “Pack up Bird, we are moving rooms!” MY HERO. He told the manager that we needed a bigger room and that his pregnant wife (hey, it works!) was not happy with the accommodations and if they didn’t move us, we are moving hotels.

We moved upstairs to a balcony “superior room” that had a lot more space and the bathroom was private (see pictures above). The hotel staff was very friendly, it was in a convenient location to the main town-life, and once we were in a better room, the accommodations weren’t bad. On the other hand, the accommodations weren’t awesome, the TV had one English movie channel (that kept playing Karate Kid 2!), and the shower was uncomfortably small.

The fooooood though. Naoussa did not disappoint. The most memorable meal (and cheapest) we had was a gyro spot with a line out the door. The husband and wife duo made your gyro to order and wow, I loved every.single.bite. If that wasn’t enough, we walked down the street to get some loukoumades: Greek donuts! We walked in, unsure of what to order, and the owner asked, “First time here? Let me make it for you and if you don’t like it, it’s on the house.” What came next was a piece of heaven. Warm, fried donuts with the softest, chewiest inside. Chocolate and honey were drizzled on top, along with the most perfect scoop of ice cream. My only regret? Not getting this again before we left.


more gyros

We explored other areas of Paros, such as Parikia and Lefkes. We wandered the streets, shops, and couldn’t resist another smoothie and cappuccino. Both towns were good to explore, but Naoussa was our favorite. We happened to be in Paros during the Greek Easter (Orthodox Easter) and so a lot of places were shut down. At night, however, a lot of the locals took time to party-it-up and celebrate! We also would have taken advantage of the beaches, but it was too windy & cold to swim.


Travel tips to Paros: 2 days is all you need here. Stay in Naoussa. Find the donut shop and eat there at least once a day, find the gyro place down the street, also eat there once a day! Travel in a month where the temps are a little warmer and the water is a little warmer (say, late May or September?). Go to Taverna Glakfos for a great dinner right beside the water!


I liked Paros and think it’s worth a visit! I’ve never been to Mykonos, but I know that island is a little more popular than Paros. If you’re looking for something a little less touristy, Paros is your spot!

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