Our Trip to Greece! Part 1: Athens

Wow, what a trip! Michael and I took off to Greece for a week and a half and called it our babymoon. We went to Athens, Paros, and ended our trip in the beautiful Santorini! Spending time with Michael was the highlight, especially when we were eating a great meal (which happened to be every 4 hours!). We had countless gyros, stuffed grape leaves, and Greek salads. Don’t ask if the cheese was pasteurized or not, I have no clue. What I do know is that it was delicious! Over the next few blog posts, I’ll share a few pictures and recommendations in case you ever want to book a trip to Greece!


We booked our trip through Groupon from a travel agency called Key Tours. This isn’t my first Groupon/LivingSocial rodeo. I’ve gone to Cozumel, Bali, Thailand, and China by finding great deals and offers through their Getaways tab. I often find myself browsing the trips to see what’s available and when. My first tip if you’re thinking about booking a trip through Groupon: read the reviews of the travel agency being used, as well as the hotels you’ll stay in. Are they central to the areas you want to visit? Other things to consider: where is the closest airport you must fly from? Are your transfers included (such as airport to hotel, ferries, etc.)? Do you have tours included? How many meals are provided? Final note about Groupon vacations: purchase travel insurance just in case!

In Athens, we stayed at the Athenaeum Grand Hotel. It had nice accommodations and was a quick taxi ride (5 euros) to the Parthenon at the Acropolis. Maybe my only hesitation is that the hotel was sandwiched between two strip clubs. Because if one wasn’t enough…heh!


Honestly, you only need a day in Athens. Walk the Acropolis (20 euro per person), take the obligatory Parthenon pic, and walk around the neighborhood beside it called Plaka. Plaka is touristy, but it has cute streets, shops, and restaurants. One of our favorite restaurants of the entire trip was Psaras Taverna. The ambiance was perfect to sit outside and of all of the dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) I ate in Greece, this place had my favorite! Michael loved the moussaka.

Psaras Taverna

We also did most of our shopping at this wood shop made from olive trees. I found the cutest hanging spinner for our boy’s nursery! My recommendation is to do more souvenir shopping in Athens. The islands will have the same things but have a markup because of the cost to get the items there.


After we had our fill of Athens, we boarded a ferry (Blue Star Delos) to Paros. It was about a three-hour ferry ride and was like being on a mini cruise ship (minus the free food/drinks/entertainment). Somehow, we found ourselves in the business class section and had a great table by the window. Economy had ample tables too, along with a few different spots to purchase food and drinks. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Greece and want to island-hop, taking a ferry (at least through Blue Star) is a fantastic idea! It’ll cost you about 25 euros and you can enjoy the few hours catching up on a magazine, gazing upon the sea, and sipping a smoothie or cappuccino.


Next post, I’ll talk about our time in Paros!

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