Unpacking, a New Job, & Life in NoVA!

Y’all. Let’s be honest: my blogging game has been off. Like… “Here’s a post, miss you/love you, bye Felicia!” About that…

We’ve moved for the billionth time in one year to our new home in Alexandria, VA! Because we are here to stay, we’ve been in full “set-up-life” mode. Unpacking, trying way too many restaurants, delaying the inevitable DMV visit, and hitting up a few Nationals baseball games! Michael has been busy with his work while I’ve been teaching at Pure Barre Alexandria, on the hunt for a job (digging through 1,000 indeed job posts…writing cover letters galore), making too many trips to Homegoods, and did I mention unpacking? Hanging picture by picture, tacking one storage dilemma at a time, and wondering when my husband will unpack his remaining three suitcases of clothes. Which always follows up with, “WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MANY CLOTHES?!” To be fair, he questions why I need so many pictures/decorations/kitchen gadgets/…and a cat.



For only being here two months, we’ve transitioned with such ease. I’m excited to share that I’m going back to high school! All of the job searching has paid off: I’ve accepted a position at a local high school as the Student Activities Coordinator, helping organize clubs, retreats, and planning major events like homecoming, prom, and graduation. I’ll also be ahead of the yearbook and work with students everyday to create the yearly masterpiece! Sounds like everything I actually did as a student in high school! ;-). This job is truly an answer to prayer!

We’ve been visiting a local church since we’ve moved here and have had every intention to “church hop” to find the right one for us, but we keep going back to this one because the messages have been so excellent. And finally, we have loved getting reacquainted with old friends who have lived in the area, as well as meeting new ones! So far, life in northern Virginia…errr “NoVA” has welcomed us with open arms. Even Eleanor seems to be fully content in her new home, making the most of the unpacking mess!



Walking to Pure Barre at 5:30AM...up with the street lamps!

Walking to Pure Barre at 5:30AM…up with the street lamps!

With that, I’m off to go take a morning nap. I took a 5:45am platform class at Pure Barre and then taught the 7am… and whew, I.IS.TIYAHD. (I’m tired). Don’t worry, it won’t be Autumn the next time you hear from me. I’ve been compiling a few of my favorite finds that are so great, I have to share!


P.S. Last night’s dinner was chipotle barbacoa tacos (in lettuce wraps) and my oh my. I’m once again reminded that these babies are insanely delicious!