Paw-ternity Leave

It has been nearly six months since I’ve written on Bird’s Nest and let’s just say I took a few months of “paw-ternity” leave to raise a (then) 7lb fluff-ball-terrorist-puppy to a now 50lb six-month (mostly) sweet buddy! Work has been particularly busy with back-to-school events, leading a retreat, and teaching at the studio 3-4x a week, there’s hardly any downtime.


I’ve missed saying hello and sharing my latest favorite recipe (I’ve made this turkey chili at least 6x already) and linking you to a great read, like Ranking Trader Joe’s Cheeses, and how cool Google Express is for shopping.

Since the last post, I went on a week-long cruise with my momma, to Charlottesville for a family reunion, and traveled to Asheville, NC with Michael and my parents.




I was a cat for Halloween, Rigby went as a super-dog, and for kicks, I bought him a winter sweater! No shame in my dog-mom game.



Food wise, I’m having a moment with baked onions, kombucha (always), roasted garlic, Suzie’s Rice Cakes and THIS PARMESAN SPREAD! (Talk about a combo!) Find that parm spread at Whole Foods!


Also, I had TCBY for the first time in nearly two years. Who cares if it was 11:00am?


On beautiful weather days, we’ve enjoyed a few happy-hours, a D.C. Cider Fest, and a couple of Washington Redskin’s games.



In early November, we got all dressed up to celebrate Jordon and Heather getting hitched!


Sweet Rigby got his chestnuts roasted over Thanksgiving…cough cough…and has been wearing the cone of shame for the last week. He’s already back to his hyper self…yay…


Looking ahead at important things, I’ve asked Santa for stacking rings because, diamonds, and Michael has insisted that they’d count for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and our anniversary. Woof.

That just about brings you up to speed, minus a few details. Overall, the second half of 2017 has been good…not easy, but good. I am really looking forward to a few weeks off this Christmas with our family. It’s going to be such a sweet celebration with everyone together!

What have you been up to the past 6 months?! What’s on tap for the Holidays?

As If Your Life Depended Upon It


Today I read Hebrews 11 and was struck by how many times it said by faith. By faith, Noah built an ark and it saved his family. By faith, Sarah had Isaac when she was 90 years old. By faith, the Israelites walked through the Red Sea as on dry land. By faith, the army marched around Jericho and after seven days, the walls fell.

Each story was by faith as their life depended upon it. Noah would have drowned, Sarah would have died in childbirth, the Israelites swallowed by the sea, the army overtaken. Notice that it isn’t by effort, by salary, by position, by merit or good deeds, not by-anything but faith.

What areas in your life do you need faith? Maybe you’ve been unhappy with your job (or lack there-of), struggling with finances, wondering how all of the details will come together for your wedding/trip/house, struggling with infertility, pain in your body, losing weight, or fill-in-the-blank!

9ebc2a390ebb315b44272a340186ceac.jpgHaving faith, hope, and trust in God isn’t aimless wishes. It’s staying obedient to God through the waiting.

Did you know Noah built the arc for 120 years? That’s a long time to live by faith! But by faith and obedience, Noah saved his life and his family’s life from a flood. He heard from the Lord, he obeyed, and in the waiting, he had faith.

Today, how are you living by faith as if your life depended upon it? To take that even further, what is God saying to you and where do you need to be obedient? Ask and listen.

We serve a faithful God who always fulfills His promises! Today, I pray that where we are weak, we are made strong by a good and faithful Creator (2 Corinthians 12:9-11)!


Friday Favorites!

Since doing my 30 posts in 30 days, it’s felt a little strange not having a daily blog post to write, though I’m convinced you must have gotten sick of me. It was a fun challenge to actually prove to myself that I could come up with 30 different topics! My plan is to continue to write on Bird’s Nest at least twice a week, perhaps Tuesdays and Fridays. Here we are, Friday! Boy am I glad it’s the weekend. Work has been cray-cray with the end of the school year. There was prom and now I’m gearing up for planning banquets, baccalaureate, and graduation. Since I’m also the yearbook teacher, we are working on the last pages and edits of the yearbook. AND, half of our building is going under a renovation so I got evicted out of my office and moved to a dark, windowless cubical beside the teacher lounge. TGIF.

Here’s my top five for today!

  1. Last weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday, wahoo! My parents came into town and the four of us went downtown D.C. to Jaleo for a birthday dinner. Woah woah waoh those bites were delicious! What a sweet weekend celebrating.Also, for all of my dear loved ones who sent cards, flowers, and wrote Facebook posts, thank you for making a girl feel special!  Jaelo love           Flowers!
  2. Michael and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on May 9th. I wrote him a letter that day and for dinner, we went to eat at Don Taco, a favorite of ours in Old Town!
  3. Speaking of marriage, I think this article is a great reminder for couples.
  4. Today I’m planning to take my 800th Pure Barre class! I’ve kept a tally of all of my classes that I’ve taken over the past 4 years (and one week) from various studios. There’s something about hitting a milestone that makes that LTB a little more rewarding.
  5. I cannot get enough of this soup. Nona Lim Thai Curry & Lime Broth is a nightly craving. It’s actually just a broth, totally satisfying alone, but you could honestly do so many creations with it. I’m thinking of adding shredding chicken, sliced bell peppers, water chestnuts, and an cilantro to make it hearty! Get it at your local Whole Foods. large_711ae7b9-72d4-463e-bd6d-255396c9aa5d

Those are my top 5! Michael and I are going to see Snatched with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn tonight and tomorrow, I teach a few Pure Barre classes while Michael as to work. The rest of the weekend should be low-key with grilling out and finishing the last season of Mad Men.

What are your plans? Happy Friday, Y’all!