May is by far my favorite month of the year. Not only are peonies in full bloom, but there are SO many days to celebrate!

First up,  I turned 31, which wasn’t nearly as eventful as turning 30. We were in Richmond for the weekend and enjoyed spending time with family! Michael treated me to a fancy dinner last weekend for all of our celebrations and I cannot remember the name of the restaurant but we had the best gnocchi of our lives!

On May 9th, Michael and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary! Michael, I’m so grateful to be your wife. It’s true, we really are better when we’re together. I still can’t believe all of the changes about to come our way, but I’m so glad we’re side-by-side for it all. I love you!


Sunday was mother’s day! First of all, Michael and I have the best moms. The Lord has blessed us beyond belief in this department and we are so grateful for the example they’ve set. As I gain my own title of “momma,” these are the ladies I’m looking up to!

Lastly, today is Rigby’s FIRST birthday!!! We call him “Sweet Ree” because really, he is so sweet. He’s made life better. He’s so stinkin’ smart, happy, and full of personality. I want to cry when I look back at his puppy pictures and am so happy we are out of the puppy-biting-terrorist stage. I am pretty obsessed with this guy.



May is my happy month and though we have a lot going on, these celebrations remind me how sweet our life is and how good God is to us. Cheers!


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