About Bird’s Nest

Dearly loved one: take a deepest breath of your day. Inhale fully, exhale slowly.

I hope you’re comfortable. If you’re not, I give you full permission to make every necessary measure to set up camp. Is a candle flickering nearby? Do you need something to sip on? A hot cup of coffee or cool sip of water? Is your fur-child warming your lap? Cozy up, I’ll still be here waiting for you.

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Welcome to Bird’s Nest!

How are you feeling? Tired or inspired? Heavy or happy? Upset or uplifted? Maybe we’re kindred spirits and you’ve experienced each of those within the past five minutes.

Do you have your favorite yoga pants on, an oversized hoodie, and your unwashed hair is in a messy bun? Let’s be honest, I just described my ensemble. This is a space of us to just come as we are! Hallelujah and amen!

I’m so delighted you’re here to read all of the over-sharing details of this precious life I get to live. I’m a believer in finding beauty in every creation and a whole lotta love in the details. Alas, I write about the details!

Details like…

how woozy with love and gratitude I have for a good Creator.

how working in hospice and being surrounded by death daily has revolutionized my perspective on how to live with passion and purpose.

how giddy I get when I have a slow morning and can eat a hot bowl of oatmeal in bed (sigh).

and more details like…

sharing my latest discoveries, enchanting travel adventures, and embarrassing endeavors.

celebrating life’s greatest call: cultivating meaningful relationships with family, friends, and community.

Bird’s Nest is a space to simply be…to be open, honest, and utterly vulnerable. No judgments, no pressure, no expectations. It’s a Nest made of raw honesty, sweet peace, endless grace, and abundant love. There’s a space for you here and I greet you warmly!

Go on, take another deep breath. Feels good, doesn’t it?