It’s June!

My birthday month is over but I’m persistent to keep celebrating and make it my birthday year ;-). May was wonderful, filled with family, friends, and of course, food. If you were wondering if I got a golden retriever for my birthday, well, of course not because I would have posted that kind of news the very day! Until “that day”, I keep watching golden retriever videos and have this one on replay. It’s only ten seconds, so watch it!

May was also super busy with work, as we’ve had one event after another (Prom, banquets, etc) and still a few more to go (baccalaureate & graduation). I knew that the end of the school year would be a push, however, I didn’t imagine planning and managing five events at once!


I was also busy collecting and refrigerating my pee for 24 hours. (Not my smoothest transition in blogging history, but there it is!) I recently went to an endocrinologist and she wanted to test my cortisol levels. The best way according to my doctor? Collect my urine for 24 hours, keep it cold, and bring it back for testing. She handed me this one orange jug and I looked at her with a “this-isn’t-going-to-cut-it” look. I told her I drink more water than a fish and should go ahead and take two. 24 hours later, two (very full) jugs, and after 8 tubes of blood drawn, I’m still waiting on the results. My blood work came our normal, which is relieving (see what I did there?).


And here we are, June! It’s going to be another great month as I wrap up the school year and we welcome guests from all over the U.S. to Old Town on the weekends. I have a month-break in July (work-perk for being in the school system!) and am already planning my “summer bucket list”, composed of books to read, exercises classes to try, and recipes to test. I’m also reallllllllly excited take a cruise with my momma to the Caribbean the last week of July! I can almost feel that warm sunshine beaming down as we breeze through the islands.


What do you have going on this June? Any book, recipes, and let’s be honest, TV suggestions? Please comment below! Michael and I are making our way through the new season of House of Cards and I’m anticipating my beloved So You Think You Can Dance premiering on June 12th. Spring & summer are my favorite seasons and I am determined to make the most of them, especially because winter never seems to bring out the best in me.


Cheers to a wonderful and warm month ahead!