On Cravings, A Growing Belly, and Greece

We’re over half way there to meeting our baby boy! The first trimester seemed to inch slowly and since we’ve announced, time has flown! I can honestly say this has been a dream pregnancy and I’m so grateful that I’ve felt this good. I’ve definitely added more naps in my life, because well, naps are life! I’ve kept up with my normal exercise routine, mostly to balance out the teenage boy appetite my son has. Boy loves pizza :-). And Costco ice-cream swirl. Ok, and their hot dogs. At least Michael and I split the ice cream???


I’ve definitely had some strange cravings—things I haven’t eaten in years. I usually crave something for a week and once I have it, it’s on to the next craving. Early on in my pregnancy, I told Michael, “At some point this week, we have to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and get garlic parmesan wings.” Let me tell you, those wings were perfection! Other foods have included cabbage soup, salads for breakfast with a lot tomatoes and some goat cheese, whole milk, and fruit, such as pears, kiwis, and Cara Cara oranges.


Mommas, what were some of your cravings when preggo?

It’s strange to watch my stomach grow and not fit in my zip-up & button pants. I have a few pairs of pants that are stretchy, so those are my go-to’s until I land in maternity clothes. I have a feeling those days are coming soon!


20 Weeks Preggo!

One of the coolest parts has been feeling him move around every once in a while! It feels like little paint brush strokes on the inside of my belly. And no, we don’t have a name yet. We have one name we keep going to, but nothing official.

Another sweet part of this season is my sister-in-love, Abby, is also pregnant and due a day before us! We just found out this week that they are also having a boy! BOY COUSINS! How fun is that?!


Since we found out that we are pregnant, I’ve been reading and writing in a devotional for expectant mommas. It’s called Waiting in Wonder by Catherine Larson and I’ve loved doing it. I highly recommend it for other mommas-to-be!

Other than growing a human, things have been pretty low-key for us. I can’t believe we are almost in April. On our calendar, we have a fun trip planned to Greece that we are calling the babymoon! Quality-time with Michael, gyros & stuffed grape leaves, and Santorini pathways?! I can barely contain my excitement!

Anyone else have any spring break or summer trips planned?

I’ll close with this adorable onesie a friend gave me!



The Not-So-Glamorous Parts of Traveling


Our trip to Thailand and China was awesome. My favorite part was spending 13 days and nights straight with Michael (insert googily eyes)! (Though the heated toilet seat we had in China is a close second!) We had a lot of time to explore and really enjoyed seeing the other side of the world together. We tried new food, made new friends, and shared a certain camaraderie when facing the not-so-glamorous-instagrammable-parts of traveling. Today’s post is to share a few of those real travel experiences!


  1. Arriving too late to the check-in counter, the whole missing our flight ordeal, and then finding out the plane was delayed two hours and we actually could have made the flight.
  2. The days of travel it took to get there, from town to town, and the trip back home. Oh, and the constant baggage security checks.
  3. The smells of street food. Is the raw meat sitting in that glass container safe to eat? It’s only 95 degrees outside…
  4. There’s no place like home…err…your own bathroom.
  5. Walking through uncovered sneezes. Manners people of the world!
  6. Flight arrivals at 2am, taxi rides to the hotel, and then checking in at 3:45am. Night night! Or should I say, “nap, nap!”?
  7. Thailand’s water festival, Songkran. We had buckets of water thrown on us. Yaayy…
  8. If we weren’t wet from the buckets of water, we were sweating, and sweating, and sweating some more because it’s hot in Thailand and any idea to “wear this outfit again” went right out the window.
  9. The time Michael and I had a bad massage: The ladies were distracted by the TV playing, while Michael’s lady kept texting on her phone. Mine decided she had to go to the bathroom in our bathroom with the door open and then came back to massage my feet…without washing her hands.
  10. Let me tell you about the flight from Thailand to China: First, the seat rows were insanely close together. Secondly, I was stuck in the middle and the person beside me had the worst body odor. The situation didn’t help when he took of his shoes…and socks…and then put his feet up on his seat.
  11. Jet lag is real.
  12. Stomach pain. See point #4.
  13. Finding out there WAS a direct flight to DC and that we really didn’t need to go through N.Y.
  14. Airplane food: It’s never good. Even when you’re hungry, it’s never good!
  15. Being banned from Facebook and Instagram in China!

Despite these mentioned moments, I’d sign up for the trip all over again. Maybe we’d do a few things different (like get to the airport earlier and tell the masseuse to wash her hands), but traveling is a whole package. We rode on an elephant and walked the Great Wall of China! We ate theeeee besssst soups and Pad Thai…and enjoyed the heated toilet seat in China ;-). The other massages we had were pure bliss. I felt like a celebrity with so many people asking to take a picture with me. Haha!

Next trip: somewhere closer!


Jet lag.


The jet lag is real. When 7PM comes around, my eyes go wide and I tell myself I can make it another two hours. When 5am comes, I feel I could run a marathon! 

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking:

Haha! Oh that note, gooood night!