Hey! An Update!

Wow, what a year it’s been. My last post…soooooo long ago…was pictures of my sweet teeny tiny baby Creighton. My sweet little 6lb 6oz baby boy is basically a teenager now, standing 2.5 feet tall and weighing in at a solid 22lbs! Cruising furniture, repeating words, clapping and stomping his feet to songs, wanting to wrestle his momma allllll day… life is busy with this one year old.

This past year has been the sweetest year of becoming a momma. I’ve never felt more like the person God created me to be, but also challenged to really rely on my faith when doubt and anxiety creep in. 

I didn’t realize how vulnerable becoming a parent would be: my heart outside my body as an (almost) walking 1-year-old with a toothy grin! More on this later, but becoming a parent has been the riskiest adventure my heart has ever embarked upon. 

So, other than becoming a mom to the best little boy, this year has been equally great.

As we’ve settled into our home in Richmond, we’ve been so happy to be near family and friends that we have grown up with from our childhood. Exploring Richmond has been a lot of fun with all of its new breweries, restaurants, and festivals. We love where we live and how close Michael is to his work. As soon as we moved in last September, we started renovating two bathrooms and kitchen, along with our mudroom and powder room. As with any renovation, it was wild with dust, noise, and chaos for a few months (especially with a newborn!), but once everything was finished, we were so happy to have put our Mike & Shea stamp on our house! Next post I’ll share the before and after pictures :-).

In March, I started to pick up a few Pure Barre shifts on Saturdays at our local studio. It’s been really nice to get back into teaching and keep a little “me time” outside of the house. I also love the PB community and always feel so inspired by how hard the clients work. 

In May, Michael and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary! I also turned 32 and honestly, May was a blur because all three of us got colds TWICE and Michael threw his back completely out…like…went to the hospital it was so bad. 

June came around and I was so tired from May. We are talking utter exhaustion. SO tired that I thought, “Hey, I should probably take a pregnancy test because this kind of tired is on a whole other level…” 

Annnnnnd guess what?! That’s exactly how I found out I was pregnant with baby #2! Afterall, it was a little strange I kept needing a two hour nap at 9:30am…

I told Michael we were pregnant right before Father’s Day! It was a surprise to the both of us but we’ve been pretty obsessed with Creighton that we thought if we had another baby, we would be totally happy! As soon as we could, we found out the gender by doing a blood test. I cried happy tears when we heard that a little girl was on her way this February 4th, 2020!

In July, we took our first Smith Vacation to Emerald Isle. We rented a beautiful house to hold all 20 of us (12 adults, 8 kids ranging 6 years old to 8 weeks!) right on the ocean. It was a true vacation. I would put Creighton down for his morning nap and walked right out to the beach with a chair and a book. I’d plop down with some chips nearby and soak up the sun and wiggle my toes in the sand. Y’all, it was a slice of heaven. I also loved being around all of our family and letting the cousins have so much time together. We also decided to reveal to the family that we were having a girl! It was such a fun moment to celebrate the great news.

August came and we celebrated Creighton’s first birthday with a small pool party. I cried…actually wept…for two hours the night before he turned one. Tears of gratitude: God has blessed us with an unbelievably special little human and I am utterly humbled we get to raise him. Also, tears of sadness: before I know it, he will be leaving me for college and there already aren’t enough years with him before that happens. Mommas, I know you know what I’m talking about.

And here we are: September! Honestly, I am looking forward to the cooler weather and the house is already decorated for fall! I’m also feeling SO MUCH BETTER now that I am in my second trimester. From May to August, I was in a constant state of nausea and naps. I even had to pull off on the side of the road once because I was SO sick. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I started to feel so much better. I wasn’t like that with my first pregnancy, so it must be because I’m having a little girl this time?

Well friends, that’s our year in a snap. I’ve missed Bird’s Nest, so thanks for stopping by today even though I’ve been MIA. 

Lots of love to you all! I’ll be back soon with pictures of our renovations…definitely before another year goes by ;-).

One thought on “Hey! An Update!

  1. So glad to hear from you. I know we are strangers, but I missed your posts (sorta like reading a book.)
    Exciting to hear about the pregnancy. Your son looks like your husband.
    I heard a little from Gia. She seems ok. Hard to sort out.
    Stay blessed and stay in touch.

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