About Bird

Hey friend! My name is Shea and the nickname is Bird.


  • Love is my motto. I love God, I love people, I love myself, and I love this gift we call life!
  • I’m obsessed with my husband, my cat Eleanor, and Pinterest. Isn’t every 20-something female?
  • According to my latest playbuzz quiz, my subconscious is also obsessed with food. Spot on. Making healthy, nourishing meals that are full of seasonal ingredients bursting with flavor in each bite…yes, I’m all about it!
  • I’m also equally about a very large cup of TCBY frozen yogurt with every topping possible. every.topping.possible.
  • I’m a sucker for candles, hand-written letters, sunshine, lots of windows, and all décor gray and white (ahem, with a touch of gold).
  • Myers-Briggs has detected that I’m a true INFJ—meaning I’m a perfectionist, highly dislike conflict, need ample quiet time to reflect and recharge, rely heavily on my intuition, and feel deeply. At my core, I just want to help and inspire others!
  • I’ve traveled to 19 countries all around the world and often catch myself wanderlusting about the next adventure.
  • My fitness journey has transformed my daily meals and has fueled my passion for teaching Zumba, taking as many Pure Barre classes as I can, and weight-lifting daily.
  • You’ll never catch me without my Nalgene bottle and a snack nearby!

Still curious? Email me at sheahawkins@gmail.com