Our Latest News: Good-Bye, Basement, & Baby!

Well it’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? My last post was in May and wow, lots of life changes have happened!

First of all, WE MOVED! Michael was offered a job in Richmond and with a baby on the way and family in the RVA area, it seemed like it was a great time to make a transition. We LOVED our time in Alexandria and it hasn’t really registered we don’t live there anymore. Saying goodbye to my work at the high school was really hard. I truly loved my job, co-workers, and students. Working there was such a God-given gift when we initially moved to Old Town and I’m forever grateful for the two years I spent in the community.

Leaving the Pure Barre Alexandria studio was also a toughy. Teaching and taking class is more than exercise- it’s the bond created between other teachers and clients that happen in and around class. Some of my closest friends have come from this studio and it hasn’t really set in that I’m not seeing them regularly.

As far as our townhouse, we were incredibly blessed to have sold it in 4 days! It was a whirlwind of cleaning, packing, and moving 8-months pregnant. The details of a move…cancelling utilities, cable, and mail…searching for a new house from afar, ordering pods, and oh yeah, switching doctors so far along in my pregnancy and finding a new hospital…! God has been good to us and the details have come together. As I type this, all four of us are currently living in my parents basement: Michael, Eleanor, Rigby, and this 9-month preggo. Yes, baby is on the way with 9 days to go until his due date (!!!) and we have a bassinet set up on two TV tray tables and his changing station on a folding table! When people ask me if I’ve been nesting and if the nursery is ready, well, I simply say that my version of nesting has been unsubscribing from pointless emails (it’s true) and saving design ideas on Pinterest for the new house!



Great news though: we have a house! We are overjoyed about our future house in the west end of Richmond and are excited to close on August 31st. So yes, baby boy will be here before the next round of moving, but I’m thinking this is the way to go since the only thing expected of me is to wear the babes and play conductor to the unpacking symphony…ya know what I mean?!

So we are having a baby really soon (what?!) and it still hasn’t hit me us. I’ve had a great pregnancy and have honestly loved being pregnant. Yes, it’s like a 5-point turn to roll over in bed and around 4:00am every morning (after my third trip to the restroom), I am wide awake thinking of baby names and kitchen remodels. (No, we haven’t settled on a name yet and yes, we are going to do a kitchen overhaul with a newborn!) But back to being pregnant; I’ve been able to keep up my favorite workouts, stay healthy, and feel strong and peaceful in the midst of so much transition and change. Nothin’ but God’s grace and presence and some really wonderful family and friends to support us.

As I anticipate what’s about to come with D-Day (delivery day), a newborn and sleep depravation, figuring out being a momma and recovering…oh boy…it’s overwhelming. I don’t let myself dwell on it too much, which probably is why I’m in disbelief baby boy is coming so soon!


Abby is due a day before me! It’s been great to walk through first-time-pregnancy with my sister!

Until then D-Day, I’m cramming as many workouts in, lunch dates with friends, naps, Sweet Frog, date nights with Michael, and procrastinating on the last bit of “need-to-get-this-done-before-he-comes” that I’m sure I have time for, right?!

9 days to go!

Send prayers and sweet thoughts our way… and Amazon gift cards because Michael has put me on a spending freeze. 🙂

Next post coming: Announcing our baby boy or wondering why he isn’t here yet! TBD!


One thought on “Our Latest News: Good-Bye, Basement, & Baby!

  1. I know your parents are thrilled to have you close by and will be able to spend more time with the little one. I feel blessed that Shelby is in Richmond and I keep Everly 1 or 2 days a week so I am privileged to be apart of her life as they grow up so fast. Welcome home!
    Pam Beck

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