Am I Too Old for Birthday Lists?


To answer the title, yes, probably. So this list is really directed toward my husband.

Dear Michael, I thought I’d help you out here! I know what you’re thinking. “Shea, we just went to Thailand & China…happy birthday/happy anniversary/happy vacation/happy everything!” Sorry not sorry…not going to work for this birthday!

  1. A Golden Retriever. I’ve already found where to get him…so just write a check for the deposit and slip it into my birthday card.
  2. Theo Chocolate Bar (or any dark chocolate 70% or higher) preferably mint or orange. You know, these: 
  3. Moon Dust Sample Pack.
  4. Take me to the closest TCBY. It’s been too long!!!
  5. A massage, duh.

You know…now that I’m really starting to think about what I really want…let me revise.

  1. See number #1 above, that’s not changing.
  2. A once-every-three-weeks maid…you know, for deep cleaning!
  3. To be in bed every week night by 9:00pm, no exceptions.
  4. A sweet birthday card with a very long message telling me how much you love me, in detail :).
  5. Did I  mention a golden and a maid?


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Back to America!


There was a 12 hour flight. A 3 hour layover. A 45 minute delay. A 2 hour flight. Customs. Security checks. Changing terminals. Walking the entire airport. An Uber ride. But…we’re finally home! 

We ordered a pizza, showered, and already washed two loads of laundry! It’s good to be home.

Best part? This girl is super snuggily whenever we come back from a trip! I’m soaking it up!

Tomorrow, more stories from our adventures. For now, I’m sinking into our bed!