NPR recently reported that unemployment is at 8.2%. It’s a little more than that if you include myself and the rest of class 2012 who hasn’t filed for unemployed standing. I found out quickly that status from “student” to “unemployed” goes as quick as it takes to walk across a stage!

I’ve kept myself occupied though… traveled to Mexico, celebrated the end of a three-year master’s degree with an awesome graduation party, enjoyed lunches with friends, making homemade cards, writing cover letters and editing my resume, teaching multiple Zumba classes, networked with various nonprofits in Winston, gone to as many body pump and body flow classes as I’ve wanted to in the mornings, had some batsh*t crazy nightmares, and have soaked up the sun to maintain that Mexico tan. All I’m missing is one of these awesome mermaid tails (found on Etsy) to relive my childhood summer pool times by making up mermaid names and acting like a princess of the sea.

A few other thoughts from the Unemployed:

I’ve had to pace myself with RealSimple magazines. In grad school, those babies would pile up for 4-5 months at a time and when Christmas came around or a week of Spring Break would grace, I’d catch up. Now have to learn to savor the next month’s issue.

The new Mumford & Sons CD can not come faster!

Gift cards! I’m pulling out all those gift cards that have been collecting some dust in my wallet and using those as a first option for any shopping/restaurant needs.

Someone come put an internet block on my computer to all Golden Retriever Rescue websites…PRONTO. I keep having these day dreams of owning a Golden Retriever and I hanging out during the day, going on walks, taking trips together…It’s bad, y’all. Real bad.

Truths: 1. God is good, faithful, and loving. 2. The support I feel from loved ones around me is undeniably humbling. 3. This sign sums up a decent life motto:

Marathons of Pretty Little Liars and Friday Night Lights have been a guilty pleasure.

She just keeps getting cuter by the day. I don’t even know how that’s possible, but gahhhh she melts my heart!


Well, those are just a few musings. More to come!