Bali & A Blur of Spring Cleaning.

I remember you, Bali. You’re like a distant dream now, but I can still taste your buttery croissants with extra buttah. In fact, I can now see those buttery croissants on my body. That wasn’t a souvenir I was planning to take home—but thank you for that regardless.

I can still picture clearly your ornate temples, tail-waggin’ stray dogs, and glorious palm trees.


When I close my eyes, I can hear the waves of the Indian Ocean breaking on to the shore. Not so loud, not so loud… but then every once in awhile…BOOM!


Perhaps it’s easy to remember now, especially considering that was just a couple of weeks ago! But folks, what a bluuuuuurrrrr it’s been since returning. I went straight back to my day job and then spent an entire weekend in my bed battling some mixture of a cold and allergy thing (despite my Clorox airplane frenzy. Don’t judge).


There’s been a lot of workouts to workoff some of that buttah and a whole lot of boring meals that look like this:


Every time I go to sit and write a few more final Bali posts, I feel like I need to get up and clean. Maybe subconsciously I know that when I write those final reflections and edit my final pictures—that the trip will be over…really over.

I was ready for the 35-hour trip home to be over. (Yes, 35 hours of travel time there, 35 hours back!) I was ready for my routine and city again. But I’m not quite ready to tuck the passport away and simply add the country to my “been there” list. More pictures, stories, and reflections to come!

Until I actually sit and write those, you can probably find me decorating for spring…


…while mimicking a fluttery bee buzzing room to closet, box to cupboard, and covering every inch of floor in my little home. Spring fever has never hit me so hard before and with that, I must reorganize and deep clean. I’m in in the trenches of a purging frenzy—there’s no denying that I have too much shhhhhtuuuuff.

Like slippers from 5th grade? I’m embarrassed, really. COME ON HAWKINS. Trash.


It feels good to “shed”. Don’t mind me as I hibernate a few more days to do just that.