15 Thoughts on Raising a Puppy.

  1. How do you know the word “treat” but you don’t know your name?
  3. PLEASE get out of this puppy-biting-stage and become the sweet, gentile, and obedient golden you will be. YOU WILL BE.
  4. Damn you’re cute.
  5. OUCH! That is NOT cute…STOP BITING (insert everything)!
  6. The leash is not a tug-of-war rope. tugofwar
  7. Oh thank-ya-Jesus he is sleeping again! (Proceed to tip-toe around the house for the next hour…)
  8. He’s looking at me…Shea, play possum!
  9. Yes! It worked…he’s back asleep!!! zzz
  10. Awww, he’s having a dream! He’s so sweet!
  11. You’re a terrorist.
  12. Sit! Down! Gooooood booooy!
  13. Please snuggle with me…ouch. Ouch! OUCH!!! Snuggle
  14. Not again!!! You go outside…you’ve been doing so good!
  15. It’s only 9:00AM?out

4 thoughts on “15 Thoughts on Raising a Puppy.

  1. So cute Shea! My puppy just turned a year old so I know what you are going through. Promise me it gets better

  2. You should be proud of yourself Shea, being a momma is hard work!! He appears to have made the adjustment to his new place, sleep is a good sign. He is adorable and this journey will bond you for life. Keep a good trainer nearby, on call as in Come here right now!

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