We’ve been keeping a secret!

Michael and I have been keeping a secret this past week…


Meet Rigby, the cutest 7-week golden retriever! There’s been no secret that I’ve been on the puppy train for the past few months and have had my eye on this guy since he was born on May 17th, 2017. After a lot of conversations with Michael, we said yes to the little guy and went to pick him up on June 28th. It was love at first sight and this picture captures one of the happiest moments of my life! Michael seemed to be a little smitten himself!family

We’re in full puppy training mode and taking him out all the time. His attention span is 4 seconds long and he’s a champ biter. He’s comfortable with his crate and goes full speed into everything, instantly knocking him over! Did I mention he loves to bite his toys? His leg? His mom’s hands?!

But when he sleeps …be still my heart. He’ll sleep on his back with his paws up in the air, on the cool tile, or where his food bowl goes. Rigby plays hard and sleeps hard! Thank God for the moments when he’s out cold—it’s my chance to get some cleaning done, run to the store, or as I’m doing now, getting a blog post in!outon his backbasement

If you’re wondering how Eleanor and Rigby are getting along, well, she’s coming around. She’s not totally comfortable getting near him and a little out of sorts with her routine, but I have full faith she’ll be back to her full spunk soon. Until then, a little extra attention to my first furbaby!Meet

Have you picked up on how we got Rigby’s name?! The Beatles came out with their album Revolver in 1966 and on the album, song “Eleanor Rigby”. Because Eleanor has already been established, we thought Rigby was a great dog’s name. Despite the song’s theme of loneliness, we’re hoping these two become quick buddies…or at least acquaintances!

Can he stay this cute and small forever?!baby


Well, better go…I hear him stirring and that’s my cue to get my shoes on to let him out and get the tennis ball in position!



4 thoughts on “We’ve been keeping a secret!

  1. He is SOOOO precious!!!! And I LOVE his name and the Beatles theme! We are too alike! I named my Sadie after the Sexy Sadie song. AND I have a secret of my own…Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds was born on Saturday!!!

  2. AWHHHHH sweet momma I knew you’d be great at it! I’m so happy for that little guy and oh you too of course.Im just elated he’s going to have the best of home, care and TLC and spoiled no doubt😉 It can’t be helped. God designed them to be the cutest most huggable creatures on earth. Your love will grow with every pound he grows. He already looks so contented in his new environment. I’m really surprised to see Eleanor within close encounter with him, that’s perfect! I think he’s accepted by the Queen mother :). Enjoy your gift sweet bird. You’ve been ready a long time. Can’t waif to see him on a run with you in a few months🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🐶🐶

  3. You got me! I thought maybe there was going to be another Smith in the family,
    Rigby is adorable and looks so soft and cuddly. Rigby and Eleanor look to be related by the color of their fur! How cute!

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