Dear Michael

Dear Michael,

Writing you directly on Bird’s Nest, or really even mentioning you here has a tendency to embarrass you, but sorry not sorry, I’m in love! 😉

Here we are, two years in. I’ve known you since I was 14 years old, that’s over half of my life! I remember always looking for you at church, searching for you in the bleachers of our high school, and eyeing you at the gym. I always wanted to be beside you, because being apart, it felt like I was missing out. I still have that feeling whenever we aren’t literally side by side. I learned from our Thailand & China trip 13 straight days and nights together isn’t enough. When we had to go back to work, I missed you so much.

When we were dating in high school, you’d call me “The Mrs.” When a friend of yours ask if you could hang, you’d say, “Let me check with the Mrs. first.” It’d embarrass me horribly! I didn’t know you were the “name it and claim” it kind of guy, but it worked and today I proudly wear my Kate Spade “Mrs.” necklace you gifted me with a few days ago!


Speaking of being proud, I am so in awe of you: your work ethic, faithfulness, humor, holding Eleanor as if you love her…the list goes on! Even watching you play basketball last night, I was a proud wife. You’re a great teammate, on and off the court.

Our first year of marriage, whew, what a year. Now that we have another one to compare it to, I can safely confirm others when they say, “The first year is the hardest!” I was mean, you worked too much, we moved too many times! Alas, year one made us stronger and year two was sweeter. Praise be to God!

Michael, you are a gift of God’s faithfulness. Our story is really better than any Nicholas Sparks book. I can barely imagine what God has for the two of us together, but I’m excited to live every day with you.

I love you and I like you! Happy Anniversary and cheers to making our third year even better.


Shea Bird


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