Random Thoughts that have Nothing to do with Each Other


I don’t think there really needs to be two l’s in llamas.

I roll my eyes when I see a recipe involving tofu or tempeh, especially in a dessert form. Gross.

Speaking of foods I still don’t like as an almost-30-year-old: mushrooms, eggplant, muscles, liver, and raw onions. Avocados are also on the list unless they’re blended in my smoothie or in the form of guacamole on a chip!

My grandparents back yard is one of the pretties views on Earth:

It’s been 8 years since I graduated from Southeastern University (on May 2, 2009!). My biggest regret is not staying a full four years. I shouldn’t have crammed it all in three years. I miss my friends and professors!

Three things I feel so great after they are washed or replaced: my bedsheets, towels, and Brita water filter. Vacuumed floors and deep-cleaned bathrooms also have a special place in my heart!

Do you clutch your phone and keys tighter when you walk over a gutter? I do. Then I proceed to imagine what would happen if I dropped my keys…

When I think about building a house, my mind goes to the details like: a great mud room, a large pantry for kitchen appliances, & a garden with a green house and place for chickens. I want chickens!

I’m selling my road bike! Message me for details.

I can’t believe I’m going to be 30 on Friday! Are y’all sick of my daily posts?



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