Sauces, dips, dressing, vinaigrette…give them to me! They make the dish and well turn any boring meal into magic. Today I’m sharing my favorite 3, as of lately:

First up, this page has basically every basic “power sauce” recipe you’ll ever need, so start there!

Engine 2 Hummus is made without oil so the calories are low and the flavor is on point.


CAVA Tzatziki is my go to with pretzels, cucumber slices, and when fixing a Mediterranean dish!


When I’m looking for a healthy ranch dip, I’ll take any plain, nonfat Greek yogurt (my favorite is Trader Joe’s!) and mix it with a Hidden Valley Ranch Dip packet. So easy but a healthier alternative to buttermilk ranch when my bell peppers need something saucy.


Bonus: This Ginger Dressing and Marinade is my new favorite for salads and marinading chicken in. You can find it at Costco!


Now go get dippin’!


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