These Three Pictures


My first date with Michael was L.C. Bird’s 2003 homecoming dance. He came with a corsage and boutonnière for the night but I had no clue how to pin the boutonnière on Michael. My dad took over to “help out” but I really think he just wanted to stick Michael with the pin needle. I’m not joking!

Since we were still together the time Prom 2004 came around, we decided to take the same picture of my dad pinning the boutonnière on Michael.

When Michael and I were planning our wedding, we knew we had to have the same picture of the two!




I adore these three pictures, just as much as I cherish how close they are. They’re both so similar, it’s scary. Nonetheless, I’m unbelievably blessed!

I cannot close this post without mentioning how much bigger Michael got in each picture. When Michael asked if I could go to homecoming with him, my dad said I could go with him as long as Michael met my dad at the gym. That was the beginning of their love affair and my dad started to train Michael throughout the years. Even when Michael and I broke up in high school, my dad and Michael never did and they continued their training sessions at the Y! Throughout all of the years, I always knew if I’d go to the gym when I was visiting and my dad was working out, Michael would be there! Running into an ex was never my favorite moment but somehow, it kept us in touch and has helped me know Michael throughout all of these years. God knew what He was doing!


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