The Best Meals I had in Thailand & China


Thai food is by far my favorite food category. If we order UberEats, my first choice is Mai Thai right here in Old Town! On the journey to Thailand, all I could think about was pad thai, curry, and soups we would be tasting. Finally, we got to try it and…the food…was…so…good!

My favorite pad thai came from a street vendor when we went to the floating market. The noodles and peanut sauce were perfection! Michael also had his favorite pho at this market.




My favorite rice & soup combo was in Pattaya, a beach town on the east coast of Thailand. I ordered a fried rice and tom ka gai soup. Now, I wasn’t a huge fan of the octopus and other un-recognizable sea creatures, but taking a spoon of rice and dipping it in the broth was delicious!



Our breakfasts’ at the hotels were typically really good. We had an assortment of well, everything. My go-to’s were vermicelli soup, a piece of toast, and large plate of fruit that included dragon fruit, passionfruit, and watermelon.


In China, we ate a lot of the same foods, but our absolute favorite was our last meal there. We went with two other couples who we became friends with on the trip. The menu was completely in Chinese but thankfully had pictures. Meaning, we weren’t exactly sure what we were ordering!  We (think we) ordered garlic chicken with peppers, fried rice, bean sprouts, and this tortilla-like wrap to put everything together. It was the best Chinese food I’ve ever had!






Those three meals are my most memorable! I loved grabbing coconut ice cream whenever we saw a vendor and Michael was a little obsessed with the fresh coconuts to drink. On another note, I’m really appreciative for all of the awesome food we have here in D.C. Our go-to (Mai Thai) is really, just as good as the food we had in Thailand. Our Vietnamese restaurant (Caphe Banh Mi) does pho like the pros!

You’d think I’m sick of all of the Thai and Chinese food, but honestly, I’m still craving it…to the extent I made my own miso soup to eat this past week! Anyone want to go get some pad thai with me? 🙂


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