When We Rode an Elephant!


One of the highlights of our time in Thailand was getting the chance to visit an Elephant Santuary!

We started our time with feeding baby bananas to baby Elephants. We learned that they like the bright yellow mini bananas, preferably peeled! They’d take their trunks and grab the banana right out of our hands, and then quickly come back for another. If we weren’t offering any food, the baby elephant would put his foot on the rail to get our attention!

The big momma Elephant was a little more aggressive with her trunk to get some ‘nanas. Michael complied!

After we fed them, we saw a few of their tricks. The elephants kicked around a soccer ball, hula-hooped with their trunks, and experienced first hand their massages! 

I was “kissed” by this guy. It was nasty!

As you can guess, our favorite moment was riding on an Elephant! Michael even got to take the guide’s spot and ride on its neck!

It was an Easter Sunday to remember!


One thought on “When We Rode an Elephant!

  1. Awhhh Shea this is awesome!! It would be a bucket list thing of mine too. Elephants are seem to be the sweetest most gentle creatures. Just don’t get between a mom and her baby :0 as it is with most creatures.. You and Mike look like kids at the amusement park? ! Keep having fun and feel the love in Thailand. I hear from Ginny the locals are so warm and friendly. Love you.

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