The Great Wall of China


Our last day of our grand trip was spent exploring The Great Wall of China!

Quick facts about the Great Wall:

  • It’s the world’s longest wall and biggest ancient architecture, reaching about 13,000 miles long!
  • It’s around 2,400 years old
  • A third of the Wall has disappeared under land, water, and other natural erosion
  • Over a million people died from building the wall
  • 10 million people (and more!) visit the Wall every year. Today, we were apart of that number!

It was really steep to walk up at parts. I even slipped a bit on the way down! There was a part of the wall where I had to sit step by step to insure getting to a walkable section. 

Also, Michael and I felt like celebrities. We were asked to have our picture take at least a dozen times! It was definitely the blonde hair.

It was amazing to stop and marvel that we were actually on The Great Wall of China! It went on and on and on. It was a marvel to walk it and try to imagine how it was even built 260 B.C.! 

With all of the climbing, I was grateful I workout regularly. Speaking of exercise: I had a chance to lift tone and burn and do a little Pure Barre moves on the wall!  

“Wall sit” on The Great Wall! 


2 thoughts on “The Great Wall of China

  1. Thanks Shea for sharing you wonderful trip every day.. I have looked forward to seeing the pictures and reading of your adventures. I know it was a trip you and Mike will never forget!

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