Beijing Marketplace 


If yesterday’s rat post didn’t totally freak you out, I’ve got a little more for you. 

We left Thailand and have landed in Beijing, China. We will be here for the last three days of our trip before we head back to the states. I’ll post more later on the rest of our trip in Thailand, but I couldn’t resist going straight to the China marketplace! 

Within steps of entering the gate, we encountered scorpions, snakes, starfish, crickets, and octopus all ready for the grill!

The scorpions were alive, moving around! 

At this point you’re wondering if we tried any of this? 

No. No way. Not that brave! 

Instead we tried dumplings, a giant duck spring roll, boiled chestnuts, and green tea ice cream! We had some drinks and enjoyed watching others eat bugs.

It was a great afternoon and evening outing with our new friends Mary and Vishnu, another couple from our tour group!

On another note, I can’t access Facebook or Instagram because China has banned it in their country. Interesting, right?! To get your daily dose of our travels, subscribe to receive an email every time there’s a new post to read! 


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