Thailand Ratatouille


Let me tell you about the time my husband ate a BBQ’d street rat in Thailand.

We were on our tour and our guide told us about these “cooks” who catch rats running through the rice fields and proceed to grill and sell them as street food.

Of course we had to see it for ourselves, so we stopped and were shocked when we saw just how many they were cooking at a time!

So my dear husband decided to forgo any future kisses and bought a rat to bite into! He dangled it by the tail, grabbed it by the head, and bit into that burnt, now-crispy-fur, carcass. 

He took one bite, got the chills, and dropped the rat on the dirt, ran and spit. 

The women cooking the rats weren’t amused but the rest of us in the tour group shrieked with disgust! 

Even more alarming, Michael handed the rat back and the women threw it back on the grill. 

For the next hour, Michael kept picking his teeth, hoping the rat residue was gone.

I don’t think I kissed him for a day after that!

Next time, Thailand McD’s please!!!


One thought on “Thailand Ratatouille

  1. My hat is off to Mike – he is much braver than I in biting into that rat. It gave me the shivers just watching that video. The kicker was that the woman put it back on the grill.

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