Baby Girl is 7!

It’s Eleanor’s 7th birthday! When I look back at how teeny-tiny she was, I get all nostalgic to her little playful spunk!

She still doesn’t love to be held, but Michael insists that he picks her up daily “to train her”. On her own will, she’ll plop right on my chest to get some rubs, even if she’s blocking my tv watching.



Her favorite toy is (still) this battered ribbon that she plays carries all over the house. It’s been her favorite since our time in Charleston!

Michael and I are always entertained when we start singing the National Anthem, she comes running to us! I kid you not. It’s something I need to record and send to Ellen for National Cat Week!

My favorite is when she naps close to me and puts her paw on my arm. It melts me!


I also love that she has a “stretch” routine, where I assist her maximizing her back arch stretches. Am I starting to sound like a crazy cat lady?


On that note, Happy Birthday Eleanor! May your day be filled with back stretches, cat naps in the sun, and an extra “snack” that your dad lets you have at night!




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