Modes of Transportation Today in Thailand: Boats, Elephants, & Bamboo Rafts!


Our day drip to a floating market, riding an Elephant, and rafting on bamboo down a river was one for the books! 

We took a boat down a few canals to get the market. There we could get our and shop around. I had the best pad Thai of my life!

(Like my Pure Barre LTB in the 703 shirt?!)

We then rode on an Elephant. Michael was lucky and got to ride au natural. I had a wooden throne. What an experience!

After our Elephant adventures of feeding them, getting kissed by one, and getting “massaged” by a baby elephant (a story for another time!), we went on a bamboo raft and floated down the river. Michael decided to swim it!

We ended the day with some pool time and a cocktail. Wait until you read about Michael eating a bbq’d rat from a street vendor! Until tomorrow,