Exploring Bangkok


The day started with a breakfast, of course, and our plates say a lot to our personalities. My husband is that true all American man!

We made our way downtown to The Grand Palace but apparently it was set apart for Thai only who were observing their deceased king. We made our way into a temple called Wat Pho. It was filled with a ton of Buddha statues and ornate temples. Somehow, we also found coconut ice cream, so Michael and I had to try it. So gooooood!

We got around town on a tuk tuk… a semi-golf cart mixed with a three wheeler!

We did some exploring and Michael got lured in for a custom suit. We eventually told the salesman we weren’t buying anything but we did enjoy the free water and air conditioning!

After a little shopping, we went to eat our first dinner. They country is celebrating their New Year and are currently enjoying The Water Featival. Basically, everyone is in a giant water fight with water gun, water hose, and buckets. On our way to dinner in our tuk tuk, we got a bucket of water thrown on us passing by. We were soaked and thought that was a little much. I mean, we were dripping!!!

At dinner, we both got chicken pad Thai and Michael got a large coconut to drink!

To end the day, we each got a 90 minute massage. I had a traditional Thai massage, and if you’re unsure about what that really means, Google it! At one point, my masseuse was standing on my back! Michael went with a gentle Swedish! 

It was a nice place with very pure and forthright intentions!

Before heading back for the night, we walked through China Town and somehow got more coconut ice cream! Yay vacation!


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