We Missed Our Flight.


Our great adventure to Thailand was delayed by a day. We made our flight from D.C. to N.Y., but that flight was late getting into JFK airport and the time between arriving and departing was too close together. By the time we arrived at the check-in counter, the attendants weren’t even there! We begged and pleaded to somehow, someway get on the flight, but it was to no avail. I called our travel agency and the only solution was to get on the next day’s 5PM flight. Oh, and pay a substantial fee. That part made me sick in the gut!

Big uh-oh because I’m the one who booked our flights too close. I’m showwy Michael!!! My husband is very gracious, kind, forgiving, loving, sweet, patient, insert-every-nice-adjective I can say about him.

So, we made the best of it and got a hotel room in Manhattan. Our friend Jessica reccomended a place called The Meatball Shop, so we made our way to get some meatballs. Before we got there, decided to get some drinks, because vacation, and then Michael decided he needed a snack before dinner. He went with a street cart order of chicken on a stick. Do you see his smile ordering?!

We finally made it to The Meatball Shop and it was SO good. 

After a noisy night of sleep in the city (seriously, how do New Yorkers sleep??), we made our way to get some food. To live up our NY experience, we found some bagels for breakfast. I got a toasted everything bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese, an egg, and bacon. It was sooooo good! Michael went with a classic bagel, bacon, egg, and cheese.

We went to our hotel room for showers and to repack. We didn’t want to risk another day delay, so we got to the airport 4 hours early!

Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, we are in the air on our way to Thailand! 

I said I loved adventure and the unknown, so here we go…again!


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