Today is Palm Sunday. It’s the day to remember Jesus riding on a donkey, entering Jerusalem to fulfill prophecy and ultimately, dying on a cross. I was reading this passage (Matthew 21) from The Message and got caught up on one word: garments.

Between the disciples and the the people in the crowd, they threw their garments on the donkey and the ground to welcome their King. 

Do you remember the time in your life growing up as a kid when instead of toys, you wanted to receive clothes for Christmas and birthdays? When you traded your baby dolls for bellbottoms, Legos for Nikes, stuffed animals for American Eagle? At some point, clothes became a symbol of status, personality, and style. 

Clothes, to its basic function, cover and protect us. Now I don’t think the disciples in crowd stripped down to their birthday suits, but they did take their cloaks (outer garments) off and lay them under Jesus and at His feet. It was as if they were saying, “I lay down my protection, my style and personality, my class and status.” 

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced God as different roles: God as father, God as friend, God as defender and protector. God as Creator. The list goes on! Lately, I’ve been learning God as King.

I often like to put myself on the throne. How will this affect me? How does this fit in my own schedule? Will I be comfortable or be put out of my way? How much sleep will I lose?! Honestly, I find myself thinking this way in my marriage, my job, and social life! It’s human but it has me as the center of my life.

As a Christ-follower, my call is to deny myself, lay down my life, and pick up my cross (Luke 9:23). I’m called to no longer live by my desires but Christ’s mission (Galatians 2:20): to love God with all of my heart, soul, mind, & strength and to love others as myself (Matthew 22:36-40). 

Garments. Before Jesus I lay down my entitlement. I give up two hours of Netflix and invest in friendships.i sacrifice 45 minutes of sleep to spend reading the Bible and praying. I speak life and encouragement to Michael instead of complain and get pouty (still working on all of these!).

What are your garments? What are the things in your life that you use to protect you? Cover you? What are the garments you need to throw down before Jesus, declaring Him King?