She Served.

29 days of left of being 29! Blog Post #2/30.


It was March 28, 2015. Six weeks before my wedding. Less than a month before moving everything to Richmond, to eventually go to Memphis, to then (unknowingly at that time) to Johnson City, TN and finally to Alexandria, VA. Between planning a wedding that was 7 hours away with a long-distance fiancé, to walking into the next year with questions like, “Where are we going to live? What will I do?”. I was overwhelmed to say the least. Enter Helen Brown Stevenson.


Catching wind of my stress, she offered to drive 2.5 hours to come help me pack. The word help isn’t adequate. She served me in a way that still makes me weepy with gratitude.

For an entire weekend, she boxed kitchen gadgets, packed my clothes, bagged my pillow obsession, and carefully handled with such care my pretty vases, frames, and 343 candles! She was the Oliva Pope to my crisis. The fixer of my overwhelming task of moving. The anchor to my uncertainty going into a new season of life. When I got tired of all of the packing and would flop on the couch, she would put her hands on her hips and say, “Shea, you’re not going to want to do any of this when I’m gone, so get up so we can do it together.” She worked. And worked. And worked. And when I thought we were done, she was ready to work some more.


When she left that Sunday, I felt like 20lbs of stress vanished. I was so humbled by her servant’s heart. At the time, Helen was a newlywed herself, worked a full-time job, and had her own things going on. None of that seemed to matter when she selflessly offered her entire weekend to me, giving up rest, Netflix, time with her new husband!

Have you ever had someone serve you the way Helen served me? Or even, have you served like Helen to someone else?

Helen, I know you’re reading this so I want to thank you again for that weekend. I’ve never felt so lavishly served and loved like that by a friend before. You showed me Christ in such a tangible way that it literally changed me. Perhaps you knew what I was about to walk into with being a newlywed, or maybe you felt obligated to help me because you were my maid of honor, but either way, I’m still so humbled by your servant’s heart. I pray that I can one day give back to you the way you gave to me! I’m incredibly grateful for your friendship.


Matthew 20:28: Christ did not come to be served but to serve.