30 Days Left Until I’m 30. What I’m Doing About It.

T-Minus 30 days. THIRTY DAYS until. I. am. THIRTY! I’ve always been a big birthday count-downer. You know, one of those people who has their birthday as their favorite holiday of the year. I’ve written about it before in my post on birthday theology and not much has changed. I love life, I love this life I live, and when May 5th comes around, I get giddy-grateful (new word combo?) to celebrate life. To kick off the last 30 days of my 20s (that sounds so weird to write), I am going to post something on Bird’s Nest every day! Now, I know this is quite the task considering I think I did a total of 30 posts last year, but I want a challenge. I’ll be sharing a mix of everything so make sure you subscribe to receive your daily dose of Bird’s Nest! CHEERS to the Birthday countdown!




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