February Edition: Birthdays, BBQ, Workouts, & Traveling to…

The shortest month of the year is almost over. I’m not complaining, considering that brings us closer to warmer temperatures and more sunlight (Daylight savings starts March 12th!). However, now that I’m in the school system, I’m begging for a good, and I mean good get-us-out-of-school-Monday-through-Friday-5-days-in-a-row snowfall.

Life since our trip to Miami has been great. We celebrated Michael’s birthday- though he was battling a cold so we kept the celebration was kept minimal. When he was on the mend, we tried a new BBQ joint in town called Myron Mixon’s Pitmaster Barbeque after the famous Pitmaster Myron Mixon. Between the ribs, pulled chicken, collard greens, and (free!) surprise pecan pie a la mode, it’s only a matter of time before we go back.


To work off that BBQ, we turned to Pure Barre and Orangetheory! Because I love both Pure Barre and Orangetheory, both workouts that I do weekly, I arranged a “Share The Love Studio Swap” with our team and theirs. Orangetheory of Old Town came to Pure Barre for a full hour of lifting, toning, and burning…oh man it was great! For fun, Michael, Danny & Kaitlyn joined in on the workout. It was the first time Michael saw me teach Pure Barre, so that was special…especially when I could inflict such pain by simply saying, “Lift your heels higher!”




We got a dose of our own medicine when we journeyed to Orangetheory the following weekend for an hour of sprinting, rowing, and squatting. There. Was. So. Much. Sweat. We loved it!


For Valentine’s Day, Michael did good, really good! He arranged to surprise me at work with my boss. I had stepped out of my office for a few minutes and when I walked back in, he was sitting at my desk with a big bouquet of flowers and balloon! He swept me away for a lunch at CAVA (another four letter word that spells L-O-V-E) for a Valentine’s Day meal together! He was treated to his favorite foods, IPAs, and a lottery scratcher. It was a sweet day all around but to tell you the truth, I feel loved and pursued by him often. When he unloads the dishwasher, it’s like he has asked me to marry him all over again! When he wakes up extra early to make protein blueberry pancakes for the both of us, I feel taken care of. My love for him deepens when he braves the cold to grill out, feeds Eleanor every morning, and insists that I give him a hug at any given moment. I love you Michael!



In other exciting news: We are going on a trip to the other side of the world!!! Somehow, I’ve convinced Michael, my very tall husband, that we should go to Thailand and China this April! Flights, hotels, and our Elephant trekking excursion are all booked! I cannot wait to eat authentic Thai, have daily massages, explore the Great Wall of China, and soak up this part of the world. Taking recommendations now for “must-do’s” in Bangkok, Kanchanaburi/River Kwai, Ayuthaya, Pattaya, and Beijing!



That’s wraps up this February edition post. I hope your month has been filled with love, joy, and adventure! What new workouts have you tried that I need to know about? Do you have any upcoming trips that you’re looking forward to?



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