It’s 2017!

I had an entire post on the last few months of 2016. It highlighted a much anticipated trip to Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace (my new favorite burger spot of all places!), a retreat I helped lead for work, a day-date trip to Baltimore, MD to explore the National Aquarium where the jellyfish captivated us and the turtles gave us a lesson in reptile mating! (Insert awkward turtle hands here.)


jf awk

The unposted post also covered Thanksgiving, TV shows that I’m loving (This is Us, Designated Survivor, and Fixer Upper) and the ones I’m pumped about airing this January (The Bachelor, because duh, it’s a train wreck, and both Nashville and Scandal) and how all I wanted for Christmas was a male English Cream Golden Retriever puppy wearing a red bow. Instead (but gratefully), I got Gwyneth’s new cookbook, a sassy new workout top & leggings, and a much desired professional massage gift certificate. The puppy fever has yet to be quenched. Maybe this cute thing will come as my birthday gift? Or better yet…Michael’s birthday is coming up in February…


I never went on to post this said post out of sheer laziness. I’ve been engulfed under my beloved heat blanket and on a deep Netflix binge on Gilmore Girls. I started the series around Thanksgiving and have inched my way to season 4. Eleanor seems to like it as well.


The holidays were so fun to spend with family. It also went something like this:


With the turn of the year, it’s my nature to reflect on last year’s endeavors. What a year! We moved from Johnson City, TN to Alexandria, VA and now live 8 miles from the White House. I breathed a sigh of relief when we bought our townhouse and I could finally decorate and set up the Nest without the fear of moving in 6 months. It’s refreshing to have family only a couple of hours away, which especially helped when I could plan and go to my high school’s 10 year reunion! Spending time with my mom in St. Louis for a women’s conference is also a highlight I’ll always treasure.








My new friends I am making here through my job and Pure Barre are very life-giving! My job has been a gift from God, I can’t believe how much I am enjoying it!

Spiritually, 2016 was a year of life, depth, and abundance. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our new church we’ve been attending and my daily time reading, praying, and journaling has been the basis of a peaceful and purposeful day. God’s faithful presence and blessings have been ever-present in our lives and we are so thankful.

Of course, there were hard moments like trying to navigate finding (and affording) a home in D.C., the actual job search process, and losing Druci (the family dog) in early November. Even still, God was there. Providing. Leading. Comforting.


Looking ahead at 2017: I forsee a few trips, turning 30…THIRTY!?!?, learning to brew our own beers, a long month off of work in July, and deepening and expanding our relationships and involvements in our new communities.I also need to empty my phone pictures because the storage situation is a daily problem. Anyone else?! My goal is to write more- it’s always to write more! I’m always encouraged when you show up to read these musings and offer feedback, so thank you for spending a few minutes reading what’s going on in the Nest!

Cheers to a beautiful new year filled with abundant love, deep peace, and unexpected favor and grace!



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