Five Favorite Foods for Friday: Edition 4 “Snack Attack”

I’m a snacker. I’d rather forgo big meals and nom throughout the day. Of course it’s easy to let a handful of this, mouthful of that, and a few more of these turn into a big meal in itself. To build my food day, I always have the basics and then build my snacks to add a little food pizzazz. The basics two organic eggs, steel cut oatmeal, a salad of some variety with handfuls of veggies, and lean protein. Today’s FFFFF features my latest snacks that spice up the basics. I try to keep my snacks as healthy as possible. You know, real/natural/whole foods that aren’t processed and loaded with ingredients that I can’t pronounce.

Here’s what I’m munching on:

1. Raw Nuts: Cashews have been my go to. I add a few almonds and a Brazil nut in there for nutritional value, but mmmhmmm, unsalted cashews are like buttah. I find the best deal at Costco.


2. Fresh, Freeze Dried, & Dehydrated Fruit: The season calls for fresh red grapes and honeycrisp apples. Those two never disappoint! But have you tried freeze dried fruit? WOAH. Raspberries, mangos, strawberries…they taste like candy, provide the perfect crunch, and melt in your mouth. Trader Joe’s have them on the cheap. For a chewy fruit, I’ve enjoyed Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Baby Pineapple.


3. Kale Chips: Kale Chips are SO easy to make. Now that it’s getting colder and I’ll be using the oven more, I’ll get back to making my own creations like this sriracha recipe. For convenience, I really enjoy Made in Nature Rosemary Truffle. You can find their flavored kale chips at Walmart or their Olive Oil version at Costco!


4. Naan & Hummus: Sometimes you need a snack that isn’t picked straight from nature but just straight delicious. Cue in Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Tandoori Naan and CAVA’s Crazy Feta Hummus. For a once-a-week treat,  we love to throw the Naan on the grill as an appetizer. Warm it each side, dip into hummus, close your eyes and take in the moment. I know CAVA sells their hummus to our local Whole Foods in the DC area, as well as in Charlottesville, VA Beach, & Richmond (at Ellwood Thompson). Check here if Crazy Feta Hummus (or their other flavors) are nearby.


5. Cheese: Another snack I have to limit to enjoying once or twice times a week! Kerrygold Dubliner and Bellavitano Merlot have served total satisfaction. Perfect combo nutty, creamy, and tangy cheese. Both cheeses are available at your local supermarket and Costco. (Costco for the win again!)

What snacks are you loco about?


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