This & That Update!


Here we are mid-September and only 2 short days left in the official summer season. If I could bottle the sunshine and warmth, I would. The sun is setting earlier (which makes me really bummed), but thankfully there’s enough happy-clappy good stuff going on (hello new fall shows!) that everything balances out. I thought we are long overdue for a “this & that update”, so here we go!

Summer Recap: This summer was super crazy with moving, decorating, searching for a job, and adjusting to life in Alexandria, so a new season is welcomed. We are unpacked and only have a few more pictures to hang and projects to tackle. Our renovations have made us love our house even more, especially our outdoor space. We designed a back patio and landscape so grilling out under the Edison lights has become a favorite of ours. And let me tell you…my husband’s steaks have been ON POINT lately! On the garden side, I grew a ton of basil (which I put on everything), but my tomato plant was a bust. The squirrels took it upon themselves of overseeing the plant…which left me about 2 red tomatoes to enjoy. Thanks.



BABIES! Some of my favorite people have had babies: Kristen had her baby boy, Travis Harmon Deaton! Helen had her baby girl, Evie Elise Stevenson! My brother and sister-in-law Lori had their baby boy Troy Taylor Hawkins! I met my little squishy nephew and I was smitten. You’re probably thinking, “She must have baby fever!” Look, here’s the truth: NO! I love these tiny humans and of course I want babies…but the only fever I have right now for is ample sleep, random date nights with my man, and well…after hearing these labor stories my dear dear friends have braved…I’m good right now! So good.


Auntie Shea & Troy


Evie Elise Stevenson


Kristen & Travis!

Job: I am really enjoying my new job! It’s been refreshingly fun to be around students, plan events like a tailgate party, and gear up for homecoming and spirit week. The days are busy and the time flies! The people are pretty great and each day is different. I even had the privilege to chaperone a field trip to the Capitol last week—how awesome is that?! I’m also excited that I fall under “teacher category” and receive a discount at these places. Yay!


New Discoveries:

-I’m enjoying Guest of a Guest daily emails, although the D.C. updates are a little sparse. I wonder if they need a content writer?? A little superficial/petty/trivial/light-hearted entertainment. For example, they deemed that my engagement ring was the hottest trend of 2016. Cheers for oval diamonds and rose gold bands! And this article on SoulCycle is great.

Dirty Lemon Detox: I was intrigued when I read about this detox you order through a text message. There are 6 bottles per case and the ingredients are basic: lemon, water, ginger, dandelion, and activated charcoal. I’ve heard the benefits of charcoal are noteworthy. However, I think the detox drink could probably be imitated for half the price at home. I justified the purchase to Michael with “I don’t buy lunch out.” He didn’t “buy” it.


It’s time to set your DVRs for a few new recordings! I’m most excited about The Good Place with Kristen Bell (which premiered last night at 10PM) and Designated Survivor (September 21st, 10PM). A few other honorable mentions I’ll check to see if they’re season-long worthy viewing:

I’m also delighted to have Modern Family (9/21) Grey’s Anatomy (9/22) & Quantico (9/25) returning this week!

What show(s) are you tuning in for?

End Notes That Have Nothing To Do With One Another:

Nick Viall the new bachelor? (Insert eye roll.) He would NOT be my choice. Of course I’ll still watch it come January.

Chokers are making a fashion comeback and I’m not digging it.

Eleanor is camouflaging with the carpet.pookie

Happy Tuesday & soak up the last two days of summer!



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