Five Favorite Foods for Friday: Edition 2

Last FFFFF was a hit, so I figured another one would be welcomed!

First though, my parents came to visit us last weekend and we had such a good time with them! We showed them around our new house and all of the renovations we’ve added. I loved watching their faces as we did our own version of an HGTV reveal! We also went out to eat at a few of our favorite spots (Don Taco, Old Ebbitt Grill, & Landini Brothers), and I even managed to convince my dad and Michael to paint an accent wall behind our bed. I kept saying to Michael that we needed a bold color…like really bold, but he wasn’t convinced. I even had a dream one night that the wall was painted and I woke up convinced the wall Plus we had a great coupon from Sherwin-Williams for 40% off! That alone is worth pulling out the brushes! Am I right or am I right?! Look, I’m just a girl with a dream and a coupon!

So on Saturday after the guys hit the gym and mom and I explored the farmers market and did a little shopping on King Street, they tackled the wall and an hour later, voila!

The before:


The after(!):


When I meant bold, I really meant bold! This color is a dark charcoal called “Peppercorn.” Normally I abide closely with my whites and greys, but oh I’m so obsessed with this wall. Almost nightly I exclaim, “I love this wall, don’t you love it!?”

Anyways, more pictures of our home to come!

Now on to the new foods you gotta try.

  1. Just Beets {aka Beet Chips} from Trader Joes ($2.99): These babies have ONE ingredient. You guessed it, beets! The crunch and flavor factor are perfection. unnamed-4
  2. The Best Ever Lentil Salad: I’ve made this twice now and I am already planning to make it again this weekend. The flavor combinations work so well together and the abundant leftovers hold great in the fridge. This is going to be my go-to at the next dinner party or potluck!
  3. Grilled Squash Prosciutto Skewers with Mint Sauce: This was a new recipe I tried this past weekend with my parents and it was a total success! Since we already had the grill going for steaks, we added these for an easy side dish with the lentils. YUM AND YUM.
  4. Figs: It’s no secret I’m a fig lover, especially this recipe using fresh figs!  But when my little darlings aren’t in season, dried figs come to the rescue. When I saw this huge bag of dried figs for $9.99 at Costco, I almost gave the bag a little hug as I put it in my cart. I love a fig or two with a small handful of almonds or cashews before a workout or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Throwing one in a protein smoothie bowl is also a great addition!
  5. Double Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Swirl: I decided to break out the ice cream maker and try this healthy (yes!) ice cream earlier this summer. With summer ending too soon, I’m thinking one more ice cream creation is a must.

    Photo Curtesy of Against All Grain

    Photo Courtesy of Against All Grain

That’s the top 5! Have you discovered anything new recently in the grocery or new recipes? Please comment and share!

Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Five Favorite Foods for Friday: Edition 2

  1. Oh. Lovely lovely Shea Bird. I WOULD see those beet chips right as I’m about to leave for Trader Joe’s. Brb adding to the list.

    The accent wall is so soothing. I have really been into greys, especially dark greys lately so I’m just staring at that wall like “yes. Aaaaaahhhhh.”

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