It’s Still a Gift.

Well, it’s official: I’m a full-time employee! Leisurely mornings and folding laundry while watching Hoda and Kathy Lee ramble on and on are ovahhh. Sure, it’s an adjustment being somewhere for a certain amount of hours a day, putting on makeup, and no longer living in leggings…but I’m truly grateful for this job—this gift.

Miss you KL & Hoda!

Miss you KL & Hoda!

I remember when I moved to Charleston: jobless, homeless, and unsure of what awaited. God provided everything! I found a place to live quickly, a new community, and a job with hospice at just the right time. I remember the “happen-chance” of finding the post for the job, interviewing, and receiving the generous offer. I was giddy with gratitude! I couldn’t stop thanking God for my job, a gift of provision from the Creator!

Now like any job, I had my learning curves, management changes, and tongue-biting moments. You know what I’m talking about! Towards the end of my time at my previous job, gearing up for my wedding and saying goodbye to Charleston, I had sunk into a pit of “jobitis.”

*Jobitis Defined: what seniors get their last year of high school, applicable for the job scene.

In one of my jobitis moments, I was full-throttle in inner-dialogue complaint-prayers. It would often start, “Lord. Oh lawwwwwd. Help me. HALP ME. Imma…”

{God interrupting me}: It’s still a gift.

I was immediately reminded of my joy, gratitude, excitement receiving the job initially. The fact that the job was a gift from God did not change, it was and always is a gift—just my attitude and outlook on it changed over time. Like any new shiny present, we are enamored at first with the newness of a gift. Wear and time play their roles and unless the gift is of true sentiment, most end up in the donations pile. Right when I was ready to donate my previous job to the donations pile, I was clearly reminded that I was to keep a grateful heart and remember God’s provision!

My new job is with a local high school as the Student Activities Coordinator. The details of the job (location, hours, salary, etc.) is a true reflection of God’s blessing, once again! All of my heart’s desires were both met and exceeded. True grace, true provision, and a true gift.

As I approach this job, I’m staying mindful that this job is a gift and it will always be a gift, even when I go in to work tired or even when the to-do list never ends.

Your job is still a gift!

Your spouse is still a gift!

Your housing is still a gift!

My dear friend Katie sent me a new job blessing from John O’Donohue’s book To Bless the Space Between Us. Because there are so many lines I love, I’ll pass it along to you today. Maybe you’re in new job, starting a new adventure, or just need a new attitude! Either way, cheers to grateful hearts and remembering our many blessings.



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