Goodbye Isn’t for the Faint of Heart

After graduating high school, I’ve had the joy to attend college in Florida, grad school in North Carolina, and then spend a couple of magical years in South Carolina. After Michael and I were reunited, we were married in Virginia, moved to Memphis for about 6 weeks for him to finish a job, and then were routed to Johnson City, TN! We’ve spent the majority of our first year of marriage here in Johnson City and Asheville, NC, as I’ve found my Pure Barre family there. {Whew, I’m exhausted just writing about all of those moves!} unnamed-1

With each place I’ve had the privilege of calling home, I made a sweet community of new friends, established a sisterhood of energetic Zumba devotees, and found my favorite restaurants, thrift stores, walking trails, and “nested” each home. When each season came to a close, I had the stark reality of how heavy a goodbye feels and the reminder that leaving a community isn’t for the faint of heart.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.18.04 PM

I’ve carried my experiences, long lasting friendships, a cat, and a whole lot of boxes from place to place. Honestly, I feel so blessed to reflect on all of the life I’ve been living! It certainly outweighs the ache of leaving, but the reality of “goodbye” is always a gut-punch and heart-twister. Maybe my personality tends to being more sensitive to these moves, but either way, I have no regrets embracing each community with a heart wide-open.pb

With that, we have another move on the horizon to the DC area! Michael and I are moving to the heart of Old Town Alexandria, VA the first week of May and this time, we are unpacking all of the boxes, hanging pictures, and planting roots. We are going there to stay! We will be living 8 miles from the President! There’s a sweet relief knowing that we can build a community with intention and do so without fear that a potential goodbye is looming. This is truly a gift to us as we enter into our second year of marriage!



As excited as we are to move to our new house and get into the grove of city life, we are truly going to miss Johnson City & Asheville. The Wellness Center has been a beautiful place to workout and meet some awesome people. To the ladies who’ve been faithful to come to my Zumba class, my goodness I am so overwhelmed with your consistent smiling faces and shakin’ booty moves! Your energy has been contagious! To my sweet friends at Pure Barre, woah, thank you for embracing me with wide-open (toned) arms from day 1! I am truly so humbled. Oh my, I am going to miss Adriel’s bootcamp at Real Hot Yoga on Saturday mornings. That class is salvation through buckets of sweat! Then there are the gorgeous mountain views and local breweries (Johnson City Brewery, we will miss you the most–please send growlers!!). Michael and I will be planning weekend get-aways to the area to get our fresh air and crisp brews fix.




Goodbyes aren’t easy but we are blessed to carry the sweet memories, friendships made, and lessons we’ve learned from our jobs and first year of marriage with us to our new city. Thank you Johnson City and Asheville for being so welcoming to us! Cheers to a new adventure!



5 thoughts on “Goodbye Isn’t for the Faint of Heart

  1. Wow, a lot has happened to you since you came to WS😂All the best for your move and beyond from JoJo and me👏🌴

  2. I always enjoy reading your Blog. they are an inspiration to me. You seem to have a fairy tale life to us outsiders. I pray your new home is just perfect, but remember who drives the boat!! Gods will is to prosper you and also give you the desires of your heart. Enjoy!

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