It’s March, Y’all!



Only 13 days until we set our clocks forward and gain a few extra hours of sunlight each day. Hallelujah! But before we march into March, here’s a little recap of the shortest month of the year.

Overall, February was good. I think I finally switched over from writing 2015 to 2016. Anyone else?

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about being a bit out of sorts. Thank you so much for all of the “me too’s” I heard from those who read it. When I’m in one of those seasons, I usually go after things I can grasp and control. For example, I made a goal to run 30 miles in February (mission accomplished!), deep cleaned and purged my craft bins, and started a cleanse. Michael is doing the cleanse with me, mostly because I needed help refusing a cold craft brew and dinner out on the weekends! While he is chiseling down to a greek god displaying pure muscle, I keep encouraging myself that my 1 pound weight loss is the “sure, slow and steady” way to keep it off. He loses a pound a day, I lose a pound per week. Oh the difference between men and women! deeeeeeep siggghhhhh.


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.10.58 AM

Some of our favorite go-to foods for this cleanse has been egg whites, chicken (I baked my first whole chicken!), turkey breast cutlets, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, blueberries, honey crisp apples, bananas, raw almonds, cashews, almond butter, Crazy Richard’s natural creamy peanut butter, and of course, a load of vegetables! Bell peppers, kale, squash, zucchini, spaghetti squash, and salads galore. The good news is that we eat these foods regularly in our daily meals on and off a cleanse.


I miss Mellow Mushroom pizza.

On a different strand of cleaning, I posted a picture of vacuum lines being one of life’s simple joys. That picture resonated with many of you and united a few of us clean freaks! With spring cleaning right around the corner (eekkk!!), I’m ready to move on to filing cabinets and Michael’s side of the closet… 🙂 The Goodwill is going to baaaaaaaaank.


On to the next subject: Fuller House. Y’all, I’ve only watched the first episode, but I geeked out and smiled throughout the entire episode! Full House was my favorite show of my entire childhood. I fondly remember new episodes airing on Tuesday nights and my brother and I would eat Ramen Noodles (affectionally called “Oodles of Noodles”) and a big bowl of popcorn in front of the T.V. On long car trips, I would inevitably ask, “How much longer?” My parents would always equate the time with how many Full House episodes it would take to watch!

Also streaming from Netflix: House of Cards season 4 is out this Friday, March 4th! Now Michael and I have something to watch this weekend as we avoid another weekend of breweries and restaurants. Yaaaaay….cleanse.

I’ll wrap this post up with a few recent discoveries worth sharing!

For your ears (and spirit): Lauren 
Daigle’s album How Can It Be is a work of art.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.12.46 AM

For your tastebuds: This Thai Red Curry is SO good and easy! I added sautéed shrimp, went with brown rice, and incorporated asparagus and bok choy to the veggie list. #delish.

For your email inbox: Career Contessa is an awesome collection of interviews, articles, and overall lifestyle posts. I could spend hours on their site!


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