Favorite Finds

Sharing is caring so today I bring to you a few of my favorite finds!

If you aren’t subscribed to The Skimm, sign up ASAP for a daily does of witty commentary on current news. It will keep you in the loop with world affairs, politics, and entertainment.

Another daily email I love receiving comes from MindBodyGreen. From smoothie recipes and exercise routines to inspirational quotes and spotlighting the latest superfood, this site is full of good-for-you goodies.

Tired of paying for overpriced hummus filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce? Try making this buffalo hummus. SO SO GOOD! (Pro trip, go easy on the garlic. Or not. It all depends on how close you want your husband that night!)

Looking for a good read? Consider Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey. I absolutely love her writing.


Need a quick pick-me-up? Meet Fit Crunch protein bars. The peanut butter ones tastes like snickers! You can find them at GNC, Amazon, and Walmart.

Got the travel bug but lack the funds? Check out “The Cheapest Places to Travel for Each Month of the Year“. Honolulu in February? Yes, please!

These oven roasted brussel sprouts(with bacon!) are addicting.

I have at least three cups of tea a day, easily. These sips will not steer you wrong.

Cinderella’s momma said it right: Have Courage and Be Kind.



2 thoughts on “Favorite Finds

  1. Love The Skimm. Not heard of everything else, but since I think you’re amazing, I’ll be checking all of the rest of this out. ☺

    Samantha Gelatt
    Sr. Technical Recruiter, Sunrise Technologies
    M: 336-701-7197

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