Family, Friends, Food, & Eeyore Eleanor: A Few October Highlights!

October flew, didn’t it!? Ours was packed!

The month started off with a mini surgery and whew, all is good now. I’m so grateful for health!

Michael & I headed to Blacksburg to brave the rain and watch the Hokies beat N.C. State. It was fun to see family and friends!

Kristen came by the house for a few hours on a random Wednesday morning and oh goodness, it made me miss our childhood days SO much. Without fail, we would have a sleepover at least one night of every.single.weekend!


The following week my momma came to visit for a few nights before my dad flew out to meet us. We went hiking, shopping, to the movies to see The Intern, and of course to the gym for a few solid workouts! We also took a tour of Michael’s current project, fully equipped with hardhats, safety glasses, and fashionable vests. Dad’s in the background photo bombing!


Scattered throughout the month, Michael and I had a few dates around Johnson City. We enjoyed the outdoor firepit at Yee-Haw Brewing Co., went to see The Martian, tried the new Portico location, and indulged with some chicken & waffles from this very eclectic little homestyle restaurant called Salt N Pepper!



I’ve been keeping busy with my Asheville trips to teach at Pure Barre and keeping up a good sweat with my Zumba classes at our local gym. The drives to/from Asheville are so pretty!


I’ve been enjoying my slower mornings reading a few of my devotional books, as well as finishing Brene Brown’s new book Rising Strong. SO good!

My iTunes have been replaying Amanda Cook’s new CD Brave New World and Adele’s new single, Hello.

On the TV side, the DVR has been set to watching Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, The Voice, and Quantico.

Michael and I closed the month with dressing up our cat. Meet “Eeyore Eleanor”! She was depressed wearing her costume…just like Eeyore! (HA! Can’t get enough of this!)


I can’t believe we are already in November. It’s started out positive with the leaves still full in their glory and I’m trying to embrace the time change with a positive attitude! This letter helped…

“On tap” for November: we are looking forward to celebrating with our friends Kat & Eric over at Johnson City Brewing Company’s  for their one year anniversary! Also for this month, I’m delighted to take more Asheville trips along with belting out Adele’s new CD (eekkk!!!). I’m eager to see The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 and Love The Coopers. Literature side, I am finishing up Barbara Brown Taylor’s Learning to Walk in the Dark and will soon start Sarah Bessey’s Out of SortsWe are anticipating a trip to RVA for Thanksgiving and of course snuggling up fireside as the weather chills the mountain air! OH, and eating bourbon pecan pie. BOURBON PECAN PIE!


What highlights stand out from your October? What are you looking forward to this November? Favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

Cheers to a new, cozy month!



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