5 in 5: Five Lessons in Months of Marriage

It’s been 5 months since this moment!

shea-and-michael-trump-winery-charlottesville-virginia-wedding-photographer-313 copy

I still feel strange when I say “my husband”, or think of myself as a “wife.” I’ve dreamed of marriage my entire life and to live in the reality is still surreal!

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In just 5 months of marriage, Michael and I have lived in Memphis, TN and Johnson City, TN, endured two colds, visited Costco a handful of times, and watched countless HGTV renovation shows (a happy common ground channel that’s not ESPN or Food Network). There’s been a mini surgery, lots of date nights to breweries and trying new restaurants, and a few hits and misses for home cooked meals (my Greek turkey meatballs and his tomato and cinnamon concoction shall never be tasted again!). I’ve secretly snapped at least 100 pictures of Michael holding Eleanor or just Michael sleeping! I can’t get enough!


I’m not sure exactly what he would say that he’s learned the past five months of marriage to me, but I might give him a guest post here on Bird’s Nest one day ;-). My guess is that he’s learned that as long as I’m fed, well-rested, and have had a potty break within the past hour, I’m a happy camper. Bonus points are if I’m under a heat blanket and warm. Re-reading those two lines, I’m obviously a 3 year old… but nonetheless, as long as the basic bodily needs are met, I’m fairly pleasant!

Five months in, I’ve learned a lot about Michael…like how much he likes the Zillow app, eats cereal every single morning, doesn’t care for dried fruit, and that it takes him about 30 seconds to fall into a deep sleep. He’s a risk-taker, go-getter, and big dreamer. He works hard and has insanely long and tough hours…all the while maintaining a great attitude without complaining. His only requirement of me: to be happy. He re-tucks me in every single morning before he leaves for work and would do anything to put me first. Whether it’s encouraging me to pursue my dreams of teaching Pure Barre or taking me to get frozen yogurt for dessert, he’s loves me well. Y’all, I am blessed!

Sure, we have different tastes in things. Any spicy food lights him up and me, well, “Pass the hot sauce!” His ideal temperature setting is around 65 degrees and I’d prefer it to be around 80 degrees! His TV and movie choices include Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and any dry humor movie. I’m all about Bobby Flay cooking shows, The Help, and any ABC Bachelor series. The common grounds we both love: God, each other, the gym, & food!

I could go on and on with the things that are have been deemed as new discoveries and lessons learned, but I’ll highlight 5 for 5 months!

  1. Two are better than one (Ecclesiastes 4:9). I’m independent by nature. I’ve had no qualms as a 20-something going far away for college, traveling the globe, and living in a new city for the sake of wanting to live there! Despite that trait, I’ve loved doing life with Michael. As I mentioned above, I had to have a mini surgery. I had a mole removed and the results were “severely atypical”. On Monday, I had the surrounding area removed and got 10 stitches. Michael left work early to be with me during the procedure and between offering comic relief and holding my hand, I was so happy and relieved to have him there! (P.S. The biopsy reports came back and the margins are clear! Thankful for a good God and early detection!) Screen shot 2015-10-09 at 10.22.23 AM
  1. A king size bed is amazing. Yep, I’m going into the bedroom! When we lived in Memphis, we shared a full size bed. I don’t remember sleeping through the night that month! He is a tall and strong man…I am 5’3. He occasionally has violent dreams and his arms thrash in response to those dreams! My face always seems to  catch his thrashings! I like to sleep in the shape of an X taking up about 3/4ths of the bed and take all of the covers…he just accommodates. Now that we are in a king size bed, quality of sleep is a big deal in regards to human relationships!
  1. Sugar is sweeter than vinegar. Oh my, I’m learning this one! He always says this phrase to me after I miserably failed with communication. As we all know (or should), communication is key to any relationship. I’m learning that whatever is on my heart or something that is bothering me is important to share because it will better our relationship, no matter how uncomfortable the topic or how many times we’ve already talked about it. It’s ALL about HOW I share my heart, not my attitude! Yes, communication is key…but really, how we communicate is what matters most. 12118956_10153091665680598_1726134795155744348_n
  1. Marriage life takes time. I’ll keep this one short and sweet…marriage simply takes time to get used to. Between moving twice, new routines, learning expectations, and learning one another, it just requires patience, love, and understanding that a great marriage isn’t built by the time the honeymoon ends! I’m thankful that we have a lot of grace, communication, and whole lot of Jesus at the center of our marriage. jm
  1. God is the center (Galatians 5:22-23). When God is at the center of our marriage, we are kind, caring, selfless, faithful, patient, and gentle towards one another. There is peace, joy, and laughter. Whether we go to church or cozy up on the couch with each other, we make sure that we pray together and set a weekly intention that keeps us praying about the same things throughout the days. It’s our time to set our heart on others, dreams and needs stirring in our spirits, and keeping God at the focus of what we are about as a couple. I can feel a difference in our relationship when we have this time together. When we don’t reset our focus on our faith consistently, I get anxious, mean, and selfish. Jesus is peace! Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.49.56 AM

5 months has flown and it’s also felt like 5 years with all that we’ve experienced and have learned. We’re on an adventure and I’m loving doing life with Michael! Our love story is the sweetest testimony of trusting God and believing there’s a much bigger plan that we can even dream ourselves!

Thanks for letting me gush and get a little mushy over my husband. I adore him!

shea-and-michael-trump-winery-charlottesville-virginia-wedding-photographer-896 copy


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