Michael & Shea’s Love Story

Well, I’m a wife!

shea-and-michael-trump-winery-charlottesville-virginia-wedding-photographer-580 copy

It hasn’t sunk in yet. We’ve been married for two weeks now and I still feel like I’m going to have to say good-bye to him at any second for him to go back to Memphis and me to Charleston. When we started to date again last May, the reality of long-distance was a slap in the face. We adapted by utilizing FaceTime, phone calls, and texts throughout the days. Not our preference but it was all that we had and could do.


I knew early on that long-distance would be short-lived…I was going to marry that man! It’s much easier to endure a dreadful long-distance status knowing that it would only be for a temporary season. From the beginning, we were both on the same page when it came to our dating this go around. Without a shadow of doubt, deep peace filled my soul and I was called to marry Michael. I know that may sound strange, but when I dated Michael in high school, I never felt that peace or that “you know that you know” feeling people say when its about the person you’re supposed to marry. I was also 16 and had college and grad school on my mind! He, on the other hand, would call me “The Mrs.”, joke around that we were “absolutely going to get married”, and had more love for me than I knew what to do with. At 17, I remember sitting on my bed writing in a little pink journal, “Lord, give me the same love for Michael that he has for me.” I felt like God say right back to me, “Don’t open a Christmas gift until it’s Christmas day.” I know, weird. It was such a strange phrase, I wrote it down and took it to mean that I wasn’t ready for that kind of love and will one day have that deep love for my future husband. {cue sad music} Shortly after that journal entry, Michael and I broke up as he went to college and I finished high school.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 12.39.33 PM

We took different paths those 10 years we were apart, yet every so often, the inevitable “run-in-to-each other” would occur at church or the gym when we were both in our hometown. He was also a faithful workout buddy to my dad, so that didn’t help when trying to avoid an ex! We each had our share of ups and downs during the decade apart, but I’m 100% convinced the trials and triumphs better prepared us for one another.

Getting reacquainted with Michael is my favorite part of his and my love story. It literally took Divine intervention to get me to even consider dating Michael again…but when God’s the writer of a love story and “peace that goes beyond all understanding” fills the soul and something holy and sacred is created.

shea-and-michael-trump-winery-charlottesville-virginia-wedding-photographer-229 copy

Ready to hear the rest of our love story?! Well, we put together a video to share with our family and friends! We played this at our rehearsal dinner and for all of our guests at the wedding before the ceremony. Finally, I’m giddy to share it with you!

shea-and-michael-trump-winery-charlottesville-virginia-wedding-photographer-272 copy

Our long-distance status is finally nixed and I couldn’t be more grateful for a good Creator to write us the most beautiful love story. Our wedding day was the sweetest celebration I could ever dream of and I’m still on cloud 9. But mostly, I’m so stinkin’ excited that I don’t have to have another sad goodbye with Michael and a lame FaceTime call again. Finally, we are married and get to adventure into the next season of our lives together!

shea-and-michael-trump-winery-charlottesville-virginia-wedding-photographer-775 copy

To watch how the rest of our love story came together, press play below!


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