Well, it’s here y’all!

There are so many things I wish I could sit and chit-chat about but let’s be honest…ain’t nobody got time for that! I’M GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!

Michael and I are getting all dressed up, but this time it’s not for homecoming or prom. NOPE. It’s for our wedding!!!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.19.23 AM

I suppose you can say I’ve entered into the giddy stage. It’s a really refreshing place to be considering I about had an emotional breakdown Sunday night into Monday. Let’s just say I feel awful for calling my mom the devil. Genuinely sorry, Ma!

The hard work is (mostly) over. Everyone seems to be in good spirits and not too exhausted from the manual labor I’ve been working steadily (with my mom and cousin) on. You know…votives, signs, pictures, name cards, itineraries, bags, and about 1,000 other details. IMG_6263

Even dad seems to be soaking it all up!


Yep! It’s time to get all pretty and CELEBRATE.


My goodness I am already weepy with the thought of so many family and friends coming in to join in on our happy #MikeSheaDay! And JUST incase our sweet guests need a reminder, shuttle leaves sharply at 3:oopm from the Holiday Inn Monticello! 🙂

Thank you all for the recent birthday wishes and love for our wedding day. I cannot believe it’s here…

Ok. I should probably go gather up the last minute bags/clothes/decor/etc.

Catch ya later after our honeymoon (Alaskan Cruise!) and when I’m Mrs. Smith!



(currently) Brittny Shea Hawkins


4 thoughts on “Wedding WEEEEEEEEEEEKEND!

  1. Are you Wonder Woman or what? Taking time to update here! I’m heading to airport with tons of butterflies in tummy😳. Can’t wait! Be seeing you beautifull bride to be

  2. It’s so nice to see you so happy I too am looking forward to such a fantastic wedding! Whoop Whoop!!

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  3. I just found out about your blog at the wedding and will be checking in to get an update on everything Michael and Shea!

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