Engagement Pictures: The Flex Zone!

When I started to think about doing engagement pictures, I wanted something personal. After picking our Charlottesville-based photographer, Meredith Sledge, the conversations and ideas began for the perfect spot. We started out at my grandparents & aunt/uncle’s farm near the barn and moved to my grandparents cabin. I’ve spent about every Thanksgiving and Christmas there, so the sentimental connection on top of the stunning landscape, well it was an obvious choice! I’ll post our favorites from the farm later this week on Bird’s Nest. Come back later on!


Some fun ones from our next location: the gym! Michael and I both love to workout and whenever we are in the same city, we always hit the weights together. I’m utterly giddy to have a permanent workout partner for life! (Yes Michael, I will ask you to come back to Pure Barre with me again in the future…hehe!) Meredith went above and beyond to find us a gym that would let us come in and have a mini photo shoot to capture us in action and flex those muscles. Here are a few highlights from our gym session!

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 3.47.31 PM








 Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Engagement Pictures: The Flex Zone!

  1. I love reading about your engagement and checking out the pics. I hope to visit the birds nest frequently to hear all about this amazing love story. ❤

  2. You two little birds. You guys are just too darn perfect together. I wish you would put my husband and Michael’s Uncle Robert on these posts of yours: lgpapa7@icloud.com Thanks Shea have a good day!

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