Oh Hello There!

Folks. We are 45 days away until I’m Shea Hawkins Smith. WOAH!

Let’s talk a few updates!e913c8a3adf9aa12f79b7a930e5d9166

Daylight savings has finally arrived now that it is March (THANK THE LORD). In one week, it will be April 1st. No joke! Really though, where has the time gone? This time last year I was in Bali with Steph and we were having fish suck our feet…life is weird.


Michael and I went to Charlottesville last week to do a whirlwind of wedding thangs. We walked through our venue a few times (it’s official, I’m obsessed with it!), tasted our wedding food…and let me tell you…it is drool-worthy amazing and not your typical dinner :-)…and also met with our videographer (fun surprise coming there!) Oh…AND took our engagement pictures! Y’all, it was busy (as well as cold and rainy). Amidst the busy, Michael and I had a lot of fun spending some time together. We squeezed in a pre-martial counseling session with our Pastor and also had a fun date night in Charlottesville to one of Michael’s old favorite college spots. Let me brag on that fiancé of mine for one second. He was such a trooper going patiently through all of the wedding to-do’s…as well as changing my flat tire with the spare…and then changing my flat spare tire. He was willing to do any and everything to help me get what needed to get done. I’m smitten with that boy! 45 days!! 45 days!!


In other news, I tried this cauliflower sauce recipe a few weeks ago and it was amazing. I didn’t think it was possible but since I’ve stolen my parents Vitamix, I gave it a swirl and was so pleased with the result.

Another food point of interest comes from my yahoo news: Taco Bell’s Biscuit Taco. First of all, I cannot tell you the last time I ate at Taco Bell. Someone please try this and let me know what you think. It’s not exactly in the “pre-wedding dress food plan” or really the “stay alive and healthy plan” so Imma need you to describe it to me in full details so I can live-eat vicariously through you. Thank you oh so much!

What else is there to report other than big life changes are on the way…you know…like getting married? For someone who tends to resist change, I’m always surprised with how the challenge of change excites and strengthens me. Not to mention, God’s peace is beyond my understanding and I get to do this new adventure with Michael. Pure bliss.


Just a little hump day hello and a little love your way.




3 thoughts on “Oh Hello There!

  1. Shea may I just say you are a spot of sunshine on a rainy day! Your energy level is to be envied. Can’t wait until May 9th, Love, Cathy Moore – Michael’s & soon your Aunt

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  2. So grateful for my soon to be SIL. Son-In-law. God bless you both and look forward to a grand celebration on May 9th!

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