Stamp 52

Last New Year, I made myself a list of lofty goals, one of them being a project that I called “Stamp 52”. I’m a big fan of snail mail, hand-written letters, and pretty stationary, so I thought I’d come up with a list of 52 people (one for each week of the year) who I don’t regularly talk with and send them a surprise letter. The list of folk included past professors, childhood friends, Facebook acquaintances, and even an inmate! What can I say? I was going for variety!


Every Monday morning, I’d randomly draw a name from my little glass box. I’d usually think and pray for that person throughout the week and when I had a chance to write a note, I’d include my little “spiel” for the project. There might have been a few weeks where I had to play catch up (ahem, like write 3 or so people at a time…) but I caught up! Life happens, it’s the thought that counts! It was my hope and prayer that the note arrived at a needed time in the person’s life. Maybe they were going through a hardship and needed a friendly hello? Maybe the hand-written letter was a sweet break in their day to shuffling the bills?


The letters often encompassed a little update about myself and recent adventures. I doted a lot on my relationship with Michael, adoration for Charleston, and mentioned something about my obsession with Pure Barre! I often asked a lot of questions toward the recipient and hoped to convey my true curiosity and interest into their life.


When I began the letters, I truly did not have any expectation for a response. I know people are busy and honestly, my main goal was for the addressee to know that they were thought of and cared for. Whenever I did receive a return letter, the surprise made my day! The delight of opening a letter and reading the chosen words simply makes me giddy, especially when the writer would tell me they were considering doing their own “Stamp 52”!


Out of all of my 2014 goals, I’m so happy I set out to do this and actually complete it! Choosing the stamps, stationary, and surprise of who I would write kept the project exciting. I don’t think I’ll do “Stamp 52” in 2015 because I have a feeling I’ll be using up a lot of stamps for wedding invitations and thank you notes, but I will do it again in the future. I’ll also be mindful and if someone pops in my head and heart, I won’t hesitate to write them a friendly hello!

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 1.13.14 PM

If you’re interested in doing your own “Stamp 52”, DO IT! Simply make a list of 52 people (try to be creative here), place their names in a jar, randomly draw a name each week, and write them a letter! Type up a little preface of “Stamp 52” (or message below your email address and I can send you my template) and include that with your letter. Be creative, personal, and thoughtful!

What goals did you set out for 2014 and accomplished? Do you have any fun projects in mind for 2015? Share below!

Happy writing!


4 thoughts on “Stamp 52

  1. This ment so much to me and during a hard time in life. You are a blessing in my life and I’m so thankful for your kind words and thoughts. This is a great project that I may do myself. Thank you for everything

  2. What a great thing to do! It’s even better that you kept it up for the entire year. I teach people how to make greeting cards, and love to send handmade cards, so I’ll have to give this idea some thought. Karen Brown, Chester, VA

  3. Happy New Year. It sounds like you are off to a good start.
    I happen to be in Charleston this weekend. We are helping my son move in his new home as he re-locates back to Charleston from Atlanta.
    I will be running the “bridge” this morning. Do you think there is a chance I could see you doing the same? 🙂 Best wishes!

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