Weekend Review

Hey You!

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do? The weather was amazing here in Charleston, as were the friends I spent time with and the food I created.

My friend Brandy is moving from back to Dallas soon (sad face) so on Friday night she and I went to Sesame for some burgers and caught a late night movie (Best of Me). On Saturday we celebrated her new adventure at The Alley for a little 80s-style bowling. My favorite quote from her this weekend, “I’m convinced the hole in our o-zone layer is from all of the hairspray used in the 80s!”


I slept in until 9am on Saturday (9am!!!) and had the best breakfast. My version of PB&J old-fashioned oatmeal with hemp heart seeds and pink raspberries (I’ve never seen these before!) annnnnd a slice of whole-grain toast, asparagus, watercress greens, and a poached egg! Now before you go thinking I’m a super chef making poached eggs, I learned from A Pinch of Yum. Sitting on the front porch eating these creations made it even better.



Other food honorable mentions: I made this kale/pomegranate/walnut/feta/rice salad (amazing) and created a homemade grilled buffalo chicken pizza…lightened up of course ;).

  • 1 multi-grain Flatout
  • 3oz of shredded organic chicken breast mixed w/1 teaspoon of Franks Hot Sauce
  • Nonfat plain Greek Yogurt mixed w/1 teaspoon of ranch seasoning
  • diced celery, orange pepper, garlic
  • 1 slice of low fat mozzarella cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of blue cheese crumbles
  • Franks Hot Sauce drizzled


Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 12.55.45 PM

When I wasn’t hanging with friends or cooking/eating, I hit up Pure Barre for a little lift-tone-burn, went to my neighborhood park to play around with the basketball, and ran a few miles. I smelled that “autumn fire burning” scent and loved every ounce of the sunshine.


Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 12.56.27 PM

Both the church sermon and my small group discussions were good for the soul. Something that the pastor said has been on repeat in my head all day: “I will experience challenges far beyond my own strength. God doesn’t want me to be contempt or satisfied with past events of God’s faithfulness but practice faith daily in the challenges to see a faithful God.”

Good stuff, yeah?

Have an awesome Monday!


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